New 4x4 Gear: TJM bullbar, Ironman 4x4 first-aid, Pelican torch

The right kit to stay safe on the go

New 4x4 Gear TJM bullbar Ironman 4x4 first-aid Pelican torch

A 4x4 trip is always a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but don’t throw caution to the wind.

Don’t be left unprepared for the hazards a 4x4 trip might entail, and when planning for a trip to the outback it is always wise to follow that old scout’s motto of “Be Prepared”.

Ironman 4X4 First-aid kits 

Ironman 4x4 has collaborated with Australian paramedics to develop two first-aid kits ideal for those heading outdoors. The kits comprise an innovative fold-out pouch system, with each pouch containing the implements necessary for particular injury types, whether they are small/large wounds, snake and spider bites, or sprains and fractures.

The small kit packs plenty in, including latex-free gloves, face shield, wipes of varying types, adhesive strips, dressings, different-sized bandages (including conforming and compression type bandages), safety pins, scissors, an emergency thermal blanket and a quick-reference guidebook.

The large kit also includes nonadherent dressings, burns gel, single-use instant ice pack, and other emergency essentials you might need.


TJM Outback Bar: Toyota Prado

4 X 4 Gear TJM Outback Bar Jpg

TJM has released its Outback frontal protection bar for the 2018 Toyota Prado, with the all-steel bar sporting a more aggressive, bush-tough design. The bar includes 63mm side loops for optimum protection of the Prado’s lights, along with full cato straps for strength and protection.

The bar design ensures the vehicle retains an optimum approach angle, and the recovery points are rated to 8000kg. The bar includes inbuilt LED fog lights, an integrated winch mount (can fit up to a 9500lb winch) and reinforced recovery jack points.

4 X 4 Gear TJM Outback Bar Close Up Jpg

There’s space for fitment of two aerials and large driving lights, and the bar has provision for the vehicle’s parking sensor to be relocated. It is airbag and adaptive-cruise control compatible, as well as ADR compliant.


MORE 4x4 Gear

Pelican 7620 Tactical torch 

4 X 4 Gear Pelican Torch Jpg

Pelican is renowned worldwide for its tough protective cases, but it also produces equally tough torches, including the 7620 Tactical. This torch is ideal for camping and has a type-3 hard-anodised finish and full-time battery level indication. The 7620 can be powered a number of ways: two AAs, two CR123, three CR123 or Pelican 18650 lithium-ion rechargeables.

The output – at maximum power using three CR123 batteries – is 1124 Lumens. The 7620 has four light modes – low, medium, high and strobe – that can be programmed in five different combinations, so you’ll always be able to get the right type/amount of illuminative output you need for any scenario.

4 X 4 Gear Pelican Torch Switch Jpg

The hard-anodised outer means the torch can cop some serious punishment and still function perfectly. The belt clip also means you’ll never lose the thing at camp.

RRP: $89.95


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