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Project Toyota HiLux build: Part 2

18 Mar 2016 Gear

Better Brakes from Marks 4WD improve the stopping power of our give-away Hilux that one lucky reader will be driving later this year.

Project Toyota HiLux build: Part 2

Next workshop visit was to one of our favourite places, Marks 4WD Adapters in Dingley.

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We always love checking out the projects in the workshop at Marks as they usually involve a V8 engine conversion and some clever engineering. No V8 this time (damn it!), but a super front brake upgrade to improve the stopping performance.

The brake package is one that has been developed for heavier vehicles such as the Land Cruiser 70 Series and really benefits vehicles that are towing a load and working their stoppers hard. The package contains Australian designed Delios Command 4WD carbon-enhanced disc rotors fitted with ceramic-impregnated high-performance brake pads. This combination gives extra bite to maximise deceleration with minimum pedal effort and copes better at higher temperatures that occur when pulling up heavy loads or controlling a 4x4 down long, steep descents. That means no brake fade when working them hard.

Our Hilux is five years old and as such its OE rubber brake hoses were due to be replaced; how many of you factor this into your regular vehicle servicing? Marks 4WD manufacture and sell braided stainless steel replacement brake lines for any 4x4 and as they are tailor made to the vehicle, they can be made longer to accommodate lifted suspension or custom applications. Braided lines should last the life of your vehicle and eliminate the sponginess felt as old rubber hoses expand under pressure. Ask any motorcycle rider or race car driver how much better braided SS lines are and you’ll be converted, too.

We haven’t put many kays on the new brakes yet, but straight away you can feel the added bite and more immediate stopping power with much less pressure on the brake pedal. The improved brakes will really come in to their own once we add some more weight to the Lux with bars, a winch, batteries, bigger wheels and tyres, and so forth.

It’s the start of a fun vehicle-build and we’re looking forward to transforming this former work truck to a capable off-road expedition vehicle. The competition, which gives you the chance to win the finished rig, will start at the end of the year, so stay tuned, follow the build and don’t miss your chance to enter the comp.

Marks 4WD Adapters
Address: 385-393 Lower Dandenong Rd, VIC 3172
Phone: (03) 9552 6555
Website: www.marks4wd.com/

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