Ute Gear: Aeroklas canopy, Ironman 4x4 Bullbar, and Carbon Winches 12K Winch

Turn your ute into a adventure rig with these essential 4x4 ute gear

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From tradies, to families, to 4x4 enthusiasts, today's 4x4 pick-up truck or ute is a jack of all trades that is built to meet the needs of a diverse audience. 

That being said, a bare ute is a blank canvas that serves as a perfect platform for anyone to tailor it to their intentions. So if you plan on taking on any number of 4x4 adventures with your new 4x4 ute, we recommend that you don't leave home without these sweet 4x4 ute gear.

Aeroklas canopy

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For ute owners looking for a strong, durable and lightweight canopy, Aeroklas jobbies are tailor-made. The canopies feature a twin-skin design (each skin – or layer – is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS, minimising potential stress points) and, being made from ABS, are super-light. The canopies feature central locking, dual lift-up windows as well as a drop-down front window, plus a LED interior light and LED brake light (on most models).

The canopy is easily installed thanks to the C-clamp mount system, and the canopy’s strength is reflected in the fact it will support Rhino Rack roof racks (80kg-rated, track mounted) and is also compatible with internal support systems for those after maximum strength. The canopy also comes colour-coded to your vehicle – sweet! Available at TJM outlets.

Website:  www.aeroklas.com.au

Carbon Winches 12K winch

Ute Gear Carbon Winches 12 K Winch Jpg

The new 12,000lb winch from Carbon Winches is designed to handle the toughest recovery tasks when you’re off-roading. The winch features a 6.2hp wound motor, a 216:1 three-stage planetary gearbox and a hoist-style camming brake that engages through the gear-train, thus having no contact with the winch drum itself.

The rotating ring gear free-spool clutch assembly is designed to minimise free-spool drag, while also doing away with any clutch engagement issues, making any recovery situation a fast and easy process. The power in and out for the winch is via either a wireless remote controller or a plug-in hand-held remote.

The 500-amp solenoid unit is sealed and has a three-position mount bracket that means you can mount the control box over the drum, the motor or remotely on your 4x4’s bullbar. The winch also comes with a pre-installed winch motor breather.

Website:  www.carbonwinches.com.au

Ironman 4x4 Amarok bullbars (TDV6)

Ute Gear Ironman 4 X 4 Bullbar Jpg

Ironman 4x4 has released two new bullbars for VW’s popular Amarok TDV6 (11/2016-onwards). The two bars – Commercial Deluxe and No Loop models – include all the expected goodies from the company, including full ADR compliance, airbag compatibility and the option(s) of a single or triple loop kit that includes replacement rubber over-riders and all fitting hardware.

The bars are created using premium-grade materials for optimum durability and maximum corrosion resistance. The designs feature triple-folded edges, inset LED parking lights, fog lights, indicators, high-lift jack points, a winch mount and provision for fitment of an aerial and spotties.

The Commercial bar offers increased protection for your vehicle’s grille and lights, etc., while the No Loop model provides great frontal protection with a more minimalist appearance.

Website:  www.ironman4x4.com

MSA 4X4 air lumbar support

Ute Gear MSA 4 X 4 Air Lumbar Support Jpg

There aren’t many 4x4 utes that couldn’t do with better seating when it comes to comfort. Thankfully, MSA 4X4 has got the comfort levels covered with its air lumbar support system that allows the driver to tweak the lumbar support of their seat throughout their journeys.

The system is very quick to fit (less than a minute) so it can be swapped between vehicles if need be. The air-inflated bladder is easy to shift around (and secure with Velcro straps) to get that optimum support – and you can add up to three additional internal bladders (purchased separately) for multiple support areas in your seat. A hand pump makes it very easy to control the airflow into the bladder.

The air lumbar support system is available with either a heavy-duty canvas outer fabric, or – for the uber-comfort seekers – a sheepskin variant is also available.

RRP: $109 (canvas); $129 (sheepskin)
Website: msa4x4.com.au

Safari 4x4 ARMAX

Ute Gear ARMAX ECU Jpg

Safari 4x4 has released the new ARMAX Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle’s OE ECU to produce up to 30-35 per cent more torque, 20-25 per cent more power and improved throttle response. The ARMAX is also claimed to improve fuel consumption while reducing turbo lag.

The unit is rated to IP68 for dust- and water-ingress protection (it is operable to a depth of one metre) and it also includes an Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) control to monitor operating temperatures – a must for modern turbo-diesel engines. The unit is backed by Safari’s engine protection systems that offer constant live monitoring of your vehicle during operation for the best durability.

Website:  www.safari4x4.com.au


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