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Cooper AT3 20,000km review: 4x4 product test

By Norm Needham, 01 Dec 2019 Wheels & Tyres

Cooper AT3 20000km review feature

The Cooper AT3 LTs have notched up 20,000km.

I have clocked up more than 20,000km on the Cooper AT3s now, which made me realise I’ve been slack performing their second rotation. At their 10K rotation, they showed a measured wear of 1mm; boding well for their longevity. The first rotation also saw me make a pair of locating studs so I could refit the Amarok wheels with much less swearing.

While a big share of the distance travelled so far has been on blacktop, there were some sojourns into the red and rougher outback. The AT3s have been to Lake Gairdner and environs, for Speed Week, the Barrier Ranges for the Outback Challenge, and the drought-ravaged Far West NSW for the Cliffhanger 4WD Event. There’s also been some beach work and track exploration along Australia’s East Coast.

It was at “Cliffy” that the AT3s suffered their first and only (thus far) puncture. In rocky terrain that was tearing apart the competition cars’ tyres, and which was plenty lumpy enough to mask a deflating tyre, my aftermarket TPMS warned of the slow leak and saved the tyre. I remain amazed at where one finds those damned tek screws!

The AT3s sound like they may be developing a weeny whine as they wear, although they show no visible sign of whine-inducing ‘heeling and toeing’. The upcoming tyre rotation will correct any that might exist, so I’ll soon find out. Mind you, driving a mate’s GU Patrol ute with 35-inch muddies from the Flinders Ranges to Sydney last week reminded me that, comparatively, the AT3s are whisper quiet!

So far I’ve been impressed by the performance of the Cooper AT3s. Let’s see what they’re like in another 20,000km.

Available from: coopertires.com.au
RRP: $399 (LT265/70R17)
We Say: Minimal wear and quiet performance. So far, so good.

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