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Rolls-Royce Cullinan: 11 coolest features

By Daniel Gardner, 15 Jul 2018 News

Rolls-Royce Cullinan: 11 coolest features

So you’ve already forked out $685,000 for your Cullinan, now let’s get stuck into the incredible options

ROLLS-ROYCE has flown a single example of its eagerly anticipated Cullinan SUV foray to Australia for a lucky few to get a first glimpse at the mighty model ahead of the first orders arriving later this year.

In our first encounter with the Brit tourist, we sniffed out some of the more fascinating features among the countless gadgets, opulent design touches and cutting-edge technology.

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Beam theory
With up to twice the intensity and power of LED lighting, the Cullinan’s laser headlights have an effective range of up to 600 metres. Not only are they incredibly powerful, the diodes are more controllable for adaptive beam direction and are smaller and lighter in construction.

Umbrella solution
Yes, you can also have an umbrella cleverly concealed in the door of a far more affordable Skoda, but the Czech manufacturer won’t tailor the brolly’s colours to match your interior.

Concealed blade
The Cullinan’s designers went to great lengths to maintain clean lines and large uninterrupted smooth surfaces including at the tail end, where the rear window wiper has been cunningly concealed high up in the roof spoiler.

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Earning stripes
Continuing the orange highlight theme around this UK-specification Cullinan, a single pinstripe runs the length of the massive SUV along its belt line. But this is no peel-and-stick strip and is instead hand painted using traditional pin-striping techniques.

Wheel bearing
Now a company trade mark, the Rolls-Royce wheel centre badges float on an ultra-low friction bearing, preventing the pair of Rs from ever turning on their heads. During prototype testing however, the RR was covered by an imitation compass needle, which always pointed north.

Quiet Fido
Option your Cullinan with the ultra-opulent Rear Theatre Configuration and not only will you sit on seats even more luxurious than the front pew, and a whole plethora of other delights, the cabin temperature won’t be effected if someone opens the boot (sorry – ‘clasp’). A glass panel partitions the luggage area from the passenger compartment maintaining the perfect atmosphere.

Armless action
Getting your chauffeur to close the door for you is so Victorian, but you won’t have to carry out the exhausting process yourself thanks to an electric closing function. With a press of a button the ‘coach’ doors effortlessly swing closed. Just don’t call them suicide doors!

Classy glass
Also a part of the Theatre rear seating, a fine crystal whisky decanter complete with glasses is housed in the central arm rest. Spirits not your thing? Behind it is a refrigerated space for a bottle of bubbly and a pair of flutes that tuck into specially tailored silicone slots during use to prevent spillage.

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Chukka hamper in the boot 
Cullinan owners should never have to perch on the edge of an uncomfortable tailgate when watching a round of polo. Dig a little deeper in your pockets and Rolls will fit a special pair of leather upholstered seats that fold out from the boot space complete with table to continue the alcohol consumption that started in the second row.

Tangible values
In an effort to highlight the Cullinan’s earthy connection, more tactile textures and materials have been used about the cabin. This one was decked out with unvarnished, open-pore wood veneer and a lovely dimpled leather dash upholstery.

Properly bespoken
If all that simply doesn’t make the Cullinan unique enough for you, there’s always the money-no-object range of Bespoke options. You won’t find a comprehensive brochure of options because Rolls-Royce says “the limit is your own imagination”.

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An unlimited range of customisations are on offer as long as you have the cash. Previous customer requests have included solid gold inclusions, diamond-encrusted badges and even a special paint finish that had crushed diamonds suspended within the clear coat.