Episode 16 behind the scenes

Check out our gallery from the latest episode of WhichCar TV!

WhichCar TV S1 E16 behind the scenes

Another great episode in the can! 

For this ep, we roped in one of the fastest mountain bikers on the planet, Josh Carlson, to help with our dual-cab ute shoot. Why? Well... erm... 

WhichCar TV behind the scenes

Josho 'The Froth' Carslon

Despite how things look on screen, not everything goes smoothly behind the scenes at times... and there was a lot of bumps along the way for this particular shoot!

For one, we lost our planned co-host two days out from the shoot, while both of our planned locations also fell over... the night before the shoot. Gah!

Luckily, we managed to rope Josh in between trips from a Giant Factory Team training camp in California and a round of the World Enduro Championship in New Zealand - and we reckon he did a great job! Check him out in action above.

The Ferrari 812 shoot went a bit more smoothly, thankfully - though we only had 500km of range to play with, and my commute home and back is 150km. Not to mention a VERY hefty insurance excess figure if we so much as scratched it.

WhichCar TV behind the scenes

We weren't fibbing in the clip when we said we had the car just for the day, either; we were on location at 7am and managed to wrap just after 3.30pm. The ute shoot took us two and a half days, by way of comparison.

The Melbourne crew enjoyed a couple of days in their rigs, too, though filming three cars has its challenges, too... not least deciding who gets to drive the Porsche home!

2019 S1 E16 Whichcar TV Porsche Cayman Mustang

We hope you enjoyed the show - let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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