Ford Falcon and Ford Territory resale values

With the plug finally pulled on Ford’s Australian production line, is now a good time to buy a Falcon or Territory?

Ford Falcon XR6 and Ford Falcon G6E

Sales of Ford Falcons and Territorys have steadily decreased ever since Ford announced that it was pulling the pin on local production back in 2013. Today is the day assembly of the Falcon and Territory ends, so what does that mean for car buyers?

Even if dealers offer great incentives to sell the remaining stock, buyers will naturally be wary about resale value, supply of spare parts and on-going support for their Falcon or Territory.

The good news is parts won’t be a problem. At least not in the short to mid-term. As with all cars produced here, the company has ensured there will be at least ten years’ worth of spares stockpiled including replacement panels, engine and interior components for all Falcon and Territory variants.

Ford Falcon XR8

Resale value is another thing, however, and that largely depends on which variant you’re buying.

Base model Falcon and Ford Territory sales will hold firm for a few months but their resale value will suffer because Ford is discontinuing their nameplates, says Nick Adamidis from automotive data and value specialists Glass’s Information Services.

“That’s because you don’t get that flow-on effect of advertising for a new model that keeps the name in front of mind among buyers.” 

Adamidis believes the already-discontinued diesel Territory variants will hold their value longer than the petrol-powered variants because of their better fuel economy. However, with the nameplate being consigned to history and no direct replacement their value will also slide faster than if it were superseded by a model update.

Ford Territory

It’s better news for the performance Falcons, particularly the V8-engined models. Strong and consistent demand for powerful sedans and utes will see those models cling onto residual values – and perhaps even appreciate in the long term.

“Holden is disappearing next, at the moment 50 percent of Holden Commodore sales are V8s and there’s a six to nine month wait for the V8 Mustang so the V8 Falcons will hold continue to hold their value,” says Adamidis.

“The basic XR6 will hold reasonably well but it’s more the XR6 Sprint Turbos and the XR8s and any limited edition of the V8 Falcon that will do well.”


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