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Top 5 highest predicted car resale values

By WhichCar Staff, 03 Nov 2016 Car Advice

Subaru WRX STi

From a swoopy sports coupe to a rugged off-roader, we bring you five cars to battle the depreciation equation.

Predicted resale value: 73%

Subaru WRX STi

Subarus have long been solid when it comes to resale values and the WRX STi is top of the pops, holding almost three-quarters of its value after three years and 60,000km.

Predicted resale value: 69%*

Toyota Landcruiser GXL

Of all the ’Cruisers, it’s the 200-Series GXL diesel that’s forecast to hold most of its value when it comes time to sell, with the chunky old-school 70-Series matching it.

Predicted resale value: 67%

Porsche 911

GT3s are the kings of resale for the Stuttgart brand, but the 991 is no longer on sale, so it’s the regular Carrera models that promise to look after you most when it comes time to trade up.

Predicted resale value: 67%

Mercedes-AMG GT Convertible

The lure of a sexy two-door body and a 375kW V8 lingers long after it has left the showroom floor, with the AMG GT set to retain much of its circa-$300K value.

Predicted resale value: 67%

Ford Mustang convertible

Stratospheric demand means the V8-powered Mustang is predicted to hold on to 67 percent of its worth years down the track. No surprise the four-pot isn’t as giving, with 63/64 percent resales.

*Calculated based on Glass’s predicted resale rating, retained after 3 years.

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