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Why smaller tyres are a smart choice when buying a car

By Cameron Kirby, 20 Nov 2017 Car Advice

Why smaller tyres are a smart choice when buying a car

Larger rims might look good, but downsizing your tyres has a range of benefits

When you buy a new car, most manufacturers will offer a range of different tyre and wheel packages.

While it may be tempting to go for the largest option, which often look the best, take the time to consider a more conservative set of wheels.

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Smaller wheels can provide substantial improvements in key aspects of the car ownership experience, such as ride comfort and even efficiency, with these benefits often off-setting any loss in visual appeal.

Of course, choosing the right tyre size for you depends on your priorities. If you’re buying a sports car and place a large emphasis on handling and dynamics, then larger wheels with sticky, low-profile rubber makes sense.

However, if you want your car to be more comfortable to drive, use less fuel, and use it for day-to-day duties, we recommend you opt for a smaller rim and tyre package.

Smaller rims with larger profile rubber can improve a car’s ride significantly. A larger sidewall helps soak up bumps from the road, making for a smoother and more comfortable experience behind the wheel.

In most cases the smaller combination can also help improve fuel economy, and ergo how much money you spend at the bowser.

This is because of the improved ‘rolling resistance’ compared to big wide tyres, helping your car sip a little less fuel as it drives.

Opting for smaller wheels provides other savings too. They’re usually cheaper to purchase initially, and replacement rubber is more affordable as well, meaning you’ll reap the rewards when it comes to give your car a fresh set of tyres.  

So take time to consider the wheel choice of your next car when you are at the dealer, and look at all the options available – it could just save you some money and make everything that little bit more comfortable.