This week, Bentley has launched the first ultra-luxurious SUV – the Bentley Bentayga. But with a price tag to match its luxurious title, we took a look at several things we could buy for the same amount of money.

Bentley Bentayga rear
  • A small, one bedroom apartment in Sydney. That kind of money won’t get you too far in Australia’s most expensive city, but it’ll get you a room and maybe even a toilet, if you’re lucky. I would rather live in the Bentayga.
  • A Patek Philippe Sky Chart Grand Complication watch. But then again, the Bentayga also comes with a Breitling clock as an option, all be it for an extra $300,000.
Bentayga Breitling Clock
  • Ten Tiffany & Co rings made from 18k gold and Marquise diamonds set in platinum. A car might be more practical, but then again, a diamond is a girl’s best friend, right?
  • A month’s accommodation in the best room at Park Hyatt Sydney.
  • Did you know that for around $150,000, you could own an acre of a private island in the Caribbean. Ok, so you won’t get the whole island for the price of the Bentayga, but you’ll get a few acres of it.
Tropical Island
  • Take your pick of any of the lux-brand handbags. Prada, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, eat your heart out. In fact, you could probably buy close to five of these bags.
  • A room full of red roses. We’re past Valentine’s Day but it’s never too late to tell someone how much you love them, even if it does cost close to $400,000.
  • Or you could just take all the money and disappear on a round-the-world trip…
Airplane Flying Over Sunset

Chances are if you’re looking to buy the most expensive SUV in the world, you probably already have most of these things. Either that or you’ve won the lotto and splurging up big, and we certainly approve.

Curious about what else Bentley has in store for the Bentayga? Read about their driverless car concept here.