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30 Years of BMW M3: E92 M3 ute

By Scott Newman, 03 Oct 2016 Features

30 Years of BMW M3: E92 M3 ute

A German take on an Aussie performance favourite

The BMW M3 turns 30 this year and to celebrate BMW has let some of its M3-based one-off Frankenstein creations out into the sunlight.

The rear-wheel drive V8 ute is a uniquely Australian recipe (though the Yanks have had a decent go over the years) but we have to say that BMW’s Bavarian take is very enticing.

BMW E92 M3 ute frontAccording to BMW, with its original E30 M3 ute showing signs of age after 25 years of loyal service it was time to build a successor. As with the original, an E93 Convertible was chosen as the donor and the rear converted to a tray capable of handling a 450kg payload.

This time, however, those fun-loving Germans decided to take it one step further and cause a bit of a stir among the international motoring media.

BMW E92 M3 ute interiorThe reveal of the E92 M3 ute took place on April 1, 2011, which should’ve been a clue as to BMW’s intentions, however only at the very end of the press release was the vehicle’s one-off nature revealed, to check who was paying attention.

The charade gained extra credence thanks to BMW shooting ‘spy shots’ of the car lapping the Nurburgring and referring to the ute as the fourth M3 model line in the E90 series. Unlike the E30 ute, the E92 is also licensed for road use.

BMW E92 M3 ute engineAt 1760kg it’s a hefty 180kg heavier than the Coupe, but with the 309kW 4.0-litre V8 screaming around to 8000rpm you won’t care about a few extra tenths on the 0-100km/h time.

BMW's M3 '30 Jahre' anniversary model goes on sale later this year.