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9 weird and wonderful interiors

By Daniel DeGasperi, 30 Jun 2017 Features

Motor 9 interiors

These unforgettable cockpits were either oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong

The cabin space of a car is where you’ll spend a fair chunk of time, so here are some of the best and worst, or most memorable interiors we’ve seen:

1. Maserati Boomerang Concept
Surprisingly this 1971 Turin motor show concept that smattered gauges and headlight switches inside an enormous wheel rim didn’t make it to Maserati’s Bora production car. The jet-engine-style metal pod behind it may not have scored highly with ANCAP either.

Maserati Boomerang interior2. McLaren F1
Iconic driving position mocks global market requirements for left- or right-hand drive as the 1993 British supercar places its driver front and centre for the action – ahead of engine and fuel tank, with a passenger flanked behind, offset either side

McLaren F1 interior3. Toyota Supra
It might not have quite had jetfighter thrust, but the dashboard of 1996’s Supra certainly owned the terms ‘wrap around’ and ‘driver focused’. It was a cockpit in the truest sense, with front passenger only left to admire 1990s vinyl-wrap plastics.

Toyota Supra interior4. Ford Falcon AU
There mightn’t have been a sharp angle in sight of this blobby dashboard, but a sharp salesman could be found in the driver’s seat of the entry-level Forte when equipped with a foldable desk ideal for portable organisers and 7-Eleven muggacinos.

Ford Falcon interior5. Rolls-Royce Wraith
Care to reach for the stars? Passengers seated in this 2004 suicide-door coupe won’t have to reach far thanks to 1340 individual fibre-optic lights hand-woven into the leather roof-lining above the (real) wood Canadel panelling on doors and dashboard.

Rolls-Royce Wraith6.Fiat Multipla
With as much design nous as a sandpit full of Fisher Price toys, this Fiat puts the dash in the term ‘slap dash’. At least fit-and-finish would be high, being Italian, while the Multipla could seat three up front like a Mac F1

Fiat Multipla interior7. Pagani Huayra 
Unpronounceable hypercar
with an unsubtle cabin. Floating switchgear pods, exposed gearlever surround, alloy toggles everywhere, gloss-black textured trim that looks like Christmas pressie wrapping – all that’s left to add is syrupy caramel leather. Clear ticks for this 2012 twin-turbo V12

Pagani Huayra Interior8. Spyker C8 
Spiky is the word for the yacht-like tiller of the C8, thanks to its four-bar crosshatch within a wooden steering wheel. Exposed alloy trim bits dominated the surroundings, contrasting with the caramel leather in this simple Audi V8-powered Dutch sports car.

Spyker C8 interior9. Saab Night Mode 
Doctors and architects loved Saab in the 1990s back when the jet-inspired brand peaked. What these occupations loved about flying we’re unsure, but the Night Panel switch on every dashboard that blanked out all instrumentation except the speedometer was a sweet Swede gimmick.

Saab 9-3 Night Panel