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Cool car things we want: November 2019

By MOTOR staff, 17 Nov 2019 Features

Cool car things November 2019 feature

Gussy up your life with these car-inspired gear

Just how far can you take your automotive enthusiasm? How about a coffee table mounted on an F1 tyre? Or a Monopoly set featuring HSV, instead of properties? 

Don't look past November's collection of cool car-related things if you have spare room in your abode and petrol in your veins. 

1 - FEATURED "PRODUCT OF THE MONTH": BMW M wrist watch ($379 from bmw.com.au)
From BMW’s latest catalogue comes this chronograph bearing a ‘tyre’ strap. Its Miyota powered 43mm stainless steel case can withstand water pressure of 72psi. 

2 - Pirelli F1 Tyre coffee table ($4705 from mementoexclusives.com)
Plonk your coffee on a genuine Pirelli P Zero Supersoft F1 tyre. Standing 67cm tall, it comes with an acrylic table so you can also gaze at the 13-inch wheel rim underneath. 

MORE: Connesso brings Pirelli F1 colour to Australia

3 - HSV Monopoly set ($70 from shop.hsv.com.au)
Your goal in HSV Monopoly is to accrue the best collection of car models, rather than properties, as you hop along the squares with specialised metal pieces like a steering wheel. Good for ages eight and up. 

MORE: Ford Monopoly adds Aussie cars to the mix

4 - Mishimoto turbo blanket (TBC from mishimoto.com.au)
A new addition to the Mishimoto range, designed to reduce engine bay temps in turbocharged vehicles. Volcanic lava rock outer layer and 96 per cent silica inner layer. Available in four sizes.

5 - Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Lego car set ($23 from lego.com/en-au)
Build your own Camaro ZL1 NASCAR racer with roll cage, removable windscreen and branded tyres. This 198-piece mini ZL1, spanning 14cm, is good for ages seven and up. 

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