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GALLERY: Mansory’s nine most shocking creations

By Louis Cordony, 10 Mar 2015 Features

GALLERY: Mansory’s nine most shocking creations

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I’m sure you agree that Mansory’s Lamborghini Huracan is a good looking car. A slightly modified front splitter here, a large-but-not-ludicrous spoiler there; Mansory’s bodykit managed to frame SantAgata’s Huracan with just the right amount of aggression.

But creations from this German tuner aren’t always as cool as this force-fed Lambo.

Armed with a healthy disregard for preservation, Mansory likes to demonstrate what exactly not to do to your exotic. Many a Bugatti, McLaren and Mercedes-Benz have had their panache buried under layers of garish paint and chrome-finished surfaces.

But it’s not always horror, Mansory has got it right before. And to illustrate the tuning firm’s hit-and-miss history, we’ve chosen nine examples that illustrate the good, bad and ugly this company is capable of.

1. HIT: Lamborghini Huracan – With a turbocharger addition that see outputs taken from 449kW to 625kW, the Mansory Huracan was always going to grab headlines even if it didn’t turn out to look so satisfying.

2. MISS: Ferrari F12 La Revoluzione – One of the F12’s defining qualities is its subtlety. Mansory of course had to see to that, and leave it looking as if it was styled to look like Hellboy.

3. MISS: Bentley Vitesse Rose – Mansory put a carbon fibre bonnet on a Continental GT, painted it pink and named it the Vitesse Rose. It not only looks like a Paris Hilton special order, but its happy hue was a thorn through everything Bentley stood for. Sadly, or fortunately, only three were made.     

4. HIT: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Vincero – The Veyron’s certainly not a pretty car, and Mansory kept that in mind for the Vincero. Rather than highlight its bloated shape with gaudy add-ons, Mansory enhanced it with restrained use of carbon fibre. The wheels looked right, too.

5. MISS: Mercedes-Benz Benz G63 AMG Gronos – We don’t know who might think the G63 AMG needs more presence by painting its 2.5-tonne mass bright yellow. But we’re sure we wouldn’t want to. 

6. HIT: McLaren MP4 12C – Keeping to a more cohesive design, Mansory didn’t ruin the McLaren 12C. It instead pumped the car’s guards, fattened its wheels and added a front-splitter and rear wing to help the 12C channel its inner GT3.

7. MISS: Mercedes-Benz G500 Speranza – In trading five doors for two and a solid roof for a fold-down item, Mansory transformed the G500 in to a Jeep Wrangler for cashed-up himbos. And even though beach boulevards are its most obvious destination, Mansory pointlessly gave its engine the motorsport treatment by taking outputs from 285kW to 515kW.

8. HIT: Lamborghini Carbonado – Everything in moderation, the saying goes. But when the surfaces of a car are simultaneously so purposeful and beautiful like a Lamborghini Aventador’s you can get away with replacing every single one with carbon fibre.

9. HIT & MISS: Garis Currus – We’re not sure what’s more impressive. Nailing the design brief to make a golf cart look decent, or somehow convincing customers to pay £50,000 for it. 

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