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Holden and Wheels’ epic drives in photos

By Cameron Kirby, 20 Oct 2017 Features

Holden and Wheels’ epic drives in photos

It’s likely Wheels has driven more kilometres in Holdens than any other publication. Here are some of our favourite shots from those journeys

WHILE we journalists like to think our words are the backbone of magazines like Wheels, the truth is no matter how finely crafted our copy is, it is nothing without the photographs that fill our pages both digital and physical.

It’s a well-worn cliché that a photo says a 1000 words, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate.

So we have compiled some favourite photos from our years of photographing Holdens, doing as they were intended; being driven on road and track, and putting smiles on our faces.

We’ve battled all conditions in Holdens over the years, from seemingly boundless, searing and barren deserts, to sprawling and crowded metropolitan cityscapes.

Behind the wheel we’ve taken part in countless journeys, criss-crossing our vast nation taking routes both popular and almost unknown. It’d be impossible to calculate the number of kilometres travelled in Holdens by Wheels staff over the years.

At the same time, our snappers have built an archive housing hundreds of thousands of images during those same years.

These images capture part of what has made Holden so great, and so much more than just another car company for many Australians.

The cars built at Elizabeth and Acacia Ridge have become a part of our cultural landscape, and as the leading automotive magazine in the country it was Wheels’ task to photograph them, and share it with the public.

So sit back and enjoy this small selection of some of our favourite Holden images from over the years.