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Flashback: McLaren and Lambo collect Christmas trees in style

24 Dec 2020 Features


F1 GTR and Huracan Performante bring the festive cheer. But which one does it best?

WE’VE all been there. We’ve gone to choose a Christmas tree and have become a little overexcited when selecting, envisioning a magnificent centrepiece to your lounge, festooned with baubles, tinsel and migraine-inducing LEDs.

Then you try to cram the thing into the back of the car and it doesn’t fit.

You can’t heave it up onto the roof of your CX-5, so you end up stopping at a servo and buying a plastic dwarf tree that’s about as convincing as a Christmas turkey made of tofu.

As demonstrated here, it doesn’t have to be this way.

All you need is a $20 million McLaren F1 GTR that once competed in the Japanese GT Championship.


WATCH rock star crashes McLaren F1 GTR

Instagrammer Andy74b wisely left his Land Rover Defender at home and took the Big Mac tree shopping, casually strapping the chosen item to the roof and supporting rear wing of the car that once lived in Melbourne.

The video’s worth watching right to the end to see what else is in his garage. We can’t decide whether we love or hate the guy as a result.

If you can’t stretch to a multimillion-dollar McLaren, then you could always take the budget option and use your Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

A black example was spotted in Boston coming home with the tree and, being a Performante owner, we can’t help but think he has a more nuanced understanding of aerodynamics than Mr 74b.

He’s mounted the tree stump forward in this instance, which we reckon would smooth the airflow over the roof.

Anyway, we’ll leave it to you to decide who’s pulled off the better look.