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Unique Cars’ best classifieds of the week

By Zak Adkins, 04 Feb 2019 Features

Unique Cars best classifieds of the week feature

MOTOR explores five classics found online at Trade Unique Cars

We’ve trawled the interwebs long and hard to find the best classic car adverts for the week. Sit back and admire these five beauties.

2001 Ford Falcon AU Tickford XR8

There is nothing more Australian than an AU Falcon, and to make it better, this one is a Herrod-tinkered Tickford V8.

This one looks in great condition and features a mint-condition leather interior.

1974 De Tomaso Pantera

A very unique and highly sought-after Italian supercar, this example has been meticulously cared for, and features a Ford 351 Cleveland V8.

It is pricey, though. For this kind of money you could almost get a full-blown Ford GT.

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2015 Tesla Model S 85d

This one is a bit different, well, because it doesn’t have a V8 or an internal combustion engine of any type.

If silent and effortless acceleration is your thing, this Model S 85d will do the job just nicely. Just don’t expect any nice exhaust noises.

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1963 Porsche 356C

The Porsche 356 is probably one of the classiest Porsches ever made. Although it might not have the same street cred as the 911, the 356 is an absolute classic that any wealthy Porsche enthusiast should love.

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1992 Honda NSX

Another rare beauty to admire. The NSX was Honda’s answer to the Ferrari and did well to compete against Maranello.

The car was partially developed by the great Ayrton Senna (who test drove it in loafers) and brought the classic soundtrack of the V6 VTEC engine to the world’s attention. It’s still a pricey car, but a Japanese classic nonetheless.