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Bush cooking with Roothy: Kraut dogs

By John Rooth, 19 Aug 2016 Bush Cooking

Roothy dishes up Kraut dogs to the crew at Opposite Lock.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Kraut dogs

ROOTHY’S set up his cooking station in an usual location this week.

He’s joined by the crew from Opposite Lock for today’s Bush Cooking adventure… in the Opposite Lock car park.

Why there? Well, the crew is hard at work, tinkering with Roothy’s 4x4s. 

Check out a few of Roothy’s other inventions: Scotch eggs, mango chicken and ginger fish.

On the menu this week is a crowd favourite: Kraut dogs.

Firstly, stock up on some regular buns and hot dogs from the supermarket. Just throw the dogs in boiling water for a few minutes.

Put the cooked hot dog in between a bun (or a slice of bread) and cover it in sauerkraut (finely cut, fermented cabbage).

Roothy reckons sauerkraut goes down perfectly with a bottle of German beer.

Sprinkle grated Swiss cheese over the top, and then dress it with some Thousand Island sauce.

The entire OL crew chowed down on Roothy’s Kraut dogs in front of his 60-series… and everyone survived.

It’s a simple meal that takes less than 10 minutes from go-to-whoa.

It definitely re-fuelled the Opposite Lock staff, before they went back to work tinkering with Milo.

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