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New 4x4 lighting products: August 2019

By Justin Walker, 20 Aug 2019 Electronics & Gadgets

New 4x4 lighting products August 2019 feature

Brighten your campsite with these lighting solutions.

WHETHER it’s a new set of LED lights to illuminate off-road tracks, a camp light to help find the dunny at night, some clever mounting brackets, or OE-style switches to simplify your in-cabin layout, these new products on the 4x4 market are sure to brighten your camping experience.

EFS Vividmax High Performance LED and mount brackets

This new schmick lighting setup from EFS incorporates three high quality 9-watt Osram LEDs for the best bright white light output (5000-6300k). The lights offer a huge 20,000-hour life , include reverse-polarity protection and are 12-36 volt.

The Vividmax is built tough too; an IP67 water/dustproof rating, along with high-quality aluminium construction, polycarbonate lense covers and a claimed operating temperature range of between -40 degrees Celcius and 85 degrees Celcius ensure these things will last for years and years.

There are a number of mounting bracket size options (VM-BKT1 is 50mm; VM-BKT2 is 63mm – both can be used for aerial, light bar, spotlight) constructed of aluminium with stainless-steel fittings (rubber insulated). The VM-BKT3 (50mm) and VM-BKT4 (63mm) offers a side-mount option for the light bar.

Website: www.efs4wd.com.au

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Narva OE-style push button switches 

Narva’s new range of OE-style switches is designed to fit in a vehicle’s spare/blank switch space, which means you don’t have to cut into the dash as part of fitting switch-activated accessories. The buttons are of a top-notch factory finish and feature laser-etched LED symbols that are illuminated via blue backlight.

The switches are available for a number of ancillary light setups, such as light bars, driving lights, roof lights, etc. The OE-style push button switches have a 10Amp rating at 12V and are of a hard plastic construction to ensure optimum durability.

Each button includes a flying lead, with the ‘snap-in’ fitment method meaning installing these is a doddle. The OE-style push button switches are currently available for more than 30 different vehicle models, including those from Toyota, Holden/Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan and VW.

Website: www.narva.com.au

Bushranger Night Hawk LED VLI series single-row light bars 

The latest model in Bushranger’s VLI (Variable Light Intensity) Series, the Night Hawk LED offers the same slim-line design of the previous-gen model but ups the effective lumens by 82 per cent across the range. This ensures “…considerable distance and width gains” in terms of illuminative coverage from the high-output OSRAM LEDs. 

The VLI wiring system allows Bushranger to bring easily adjustable brightness control via a dial setup (wiring system sold separately). You can also create your own beam pattern, with each 13-inch to 51-inch light bars able to be set up as a full spotlight, full flood, or a combo of the two thanks to the ability to mix and match the supplied covers (a set of both spot and flood covers come with each kit).

The extruded 6061 aluminium housing and cast alloy mounts ensure durability, while the inbuilt temperature monitoring of the LED temps keeps it all cool and working to capacity.

RRP: From $115-$595
Website: www.bushranger.com.au/nighthawk

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Narva interior RV lamp range

Narva’s new LED light range aimed at RV and caravan lighting is typical Narva: a combo of stylish design, functionality and durability. The range comprises Pendant (reading) lamps, courtesy and ceiling lamps, and interior downlights.

The Pendants offer two colour temps – warm white or cool white – and include touch-switch, a blue night light and a dimming function. The downlights (also available in the two colour temps) are compact, low-profile jobbies and (again) have concealed screws for affixing to your mobile abode. You can opt for either integrated switches (on/off/dim) or traditional wall-mounted switches. The Courtesy lamps (two colour temps) can be surface-mounted and feature built-in touch switches (with blue night switch) and are dimmable.

The LED Ceiling lamps include circular and rectangular options, as well as integrated touch switch, blue night light and dimming. Lamps are available in 12V and 10-30V multi-voltage variants and are backed by a five-year LED warranty.

Website: www.narva.com.au

Ironman 4x4 Meteor driving lights 

These new lights from Ironman 4x4 offer 6000K white light to ensure they imitate as closely as possible natural daylight – delivered via the lights’ 3W high lux output Osram LEDs (there are 16 of these in the 7-inch unit; 34 in the 9-inch).

The resultant output is 4320 lumens for the 7-inch model and 9180 Lumens from the 9-inch jobbie. As well as this, the lights include a Daytime Running Light (DRL) strip (this can be configured to switch on automatically once you start the vehicle) and are rated to IP67 and IP69, meaning they are capable of being submerged in water during a crossing and are also up to being blasted with high-pressure water hoses.

This high level of sealing also means they are fully protected from dust ingress. The housing is heavy duty diecast alloy and the lens is made from shockproof polycarbonate. The operating voltage with these punchy lights is 10-30V DC.

Website: www.ironman4x4.com

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Thunder dimmable camp lantern

Thunder has released this cool new LED lantern that offers the perfect portable camping light source solution. The lantern is rechargeable and offers a three-hour operating time when run at full power. The light output for this lantern is 680 lumens – more than plenty to keep the camp kitchen and/or rear of your 4x4 lit up in the night for easy visibility.

The lantern also includes a USB charge point for smart phones, and the tough hard rubber housing ensures it is up for use in any extreme environment, whether it is at camp or when being used on a building site. It is IP44 rated so can withstand sharp object impacts and also splashes of water.

The lantern’s battery bank is rated 4800mAh for when charging phones. There’s an easy-to-see charge indicator (Red LED for flat/low charge and a green LED for when it is charged).

RRP: $72
Website: www.thunderauto.com.au

Knog Bandicoot headlamp

This new headlamp from Knog is unique in its all-in-one construction. The headlamp is of a ‘single chassis’ design, as in, it is made from lightweight silicone which allows Knog to merge the strap, body and LED lights together in one piece, eliminating the need for separate attached components (think: straps, elastics, etc., which are prone to failure).

Plus, being one piece it reduces the chances of it tangling in your headwear or hair, and due to its stretchability it will fit most of us with no need for adjustment of buckles, etc. The Bandicoot weighs a miniscule 60g and is perfect for all outdoor activities from camping, hiking, fishing or reading.

The headlamp has four sets of LED lights that offer a claimed maximum output of 100 lumens. Each light has a different function: high beam for visibility, elliptical beam for a broader ambient light, a red light for darker environs and a down-light for reading. On maximum output the headlamp lasts two hours, and it is USB rechargeable.

Website: www.escape2.com.au

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