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New 4x4 soft shackles and recovery points: August 2019

By Justin Walker, 08 Aug 2019 Gear

New 4x4 soft shackles recovery points 4x4 products August 2019 feature

Ironman 4x4 soft shackles and rated recovery points, as well as Sherpa 4x4 soft shackles, arrive on the 4x4 recovery scene.

GET yourself a reliable set of soft shackles, as well as secure, rated aftermarket recovery points, and your chance of a safe recovery have improved ten-fold. Here are a few such 4x4 recovery products currently in catalogues.

Ironman 4x4 rated recovery points

Ironman 4x4 has released new rated recovery points – for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (11/2016-onwards) and MR Triton (11/2018-onwards) – that have been NATA tested and approved. Built from top-grade materials, SPHC oil and pickled steel (rather than mild steel) these points are super strong and highly resistant to corrosion.

The working load limit of each individual point is 5000kg, and they are designed to connect to your winch/recovery device using a 4.75-tonne shackle or rated soft shackle (you can also use an equalisation strap with two points for even distribution of load).

The recovery points are supplied as a pair with all the necessary mounting hardware (such as high-tensile bolts) and they mount to multiple chassis points for optimum load distribution.

Website: www.ironman4x4.com

Industry Insider: Ironman 4x4

Sherpa 4x4 soft shackles

The team at Sherpa 4x4 has released new soft recovery shackles, in two sizes: 11mm x 152mm (rated minimum breaking strength of 14,515kg) and 16mm x 600mm (rated minimum breaking strength 32,400kg).

The soft recovery shackle offers a lightweight solution for those always painful scenarios. The shackles are made from high-quality synthetic rope (the same rope used on Sherpa 4x4 winches) and will float in water, plus they will never suffer from corrosion.

Of course, they are incredibly strong and far safer than a heavy steel shackle if the worst-case happens and the rope breaks. The shackles will not over-tighten so are quite easy to loosen after the recovery has been completed. The Sherpa soft shackles feature large loop diameters and are UV-, abrasion- and chemical-resistant, plus they include a protective sleeve to reduce chafing.

Website: www.sherpa4x4.com.au

4x4 opinion: Soft shackles are great for emergency situations

Ironman 4x4 soft shackles

Ironman 4x4 has released new soft shackles, with two variants rated at 14,000kg and the other at 17,500kg breaking strength. The shackles are high-strength, low friction 12-strand single braid UHMWPE rope.

The 14,000kg soft shackle is of a single splice design and diamond knot; the 17,500kg soft shackle features a Class 2 diamond knot and dual splice design. The shackles are covered with a protective sleeve and are designed to float. They also feature an integrated easy-release system that ensures the soft shackle decompresses post-recovery.

The soft shackles also offer low-moisture absorption, so there’s no fear of them becoming water-logged or rotting through continued immersion. The Ironman soft shackles are also 500mm long – a larger surface area than most others on the market.

Website: www.ironman4x4.com