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Holden Magnum ute matches Ferrari resale return

By Daniel DeGasperi, 23 Nov 2018 News

Holden Magnum ute matches Ferrari resale return news

Last-of-the-line local ute goes up in value like a Ferrari 458 Speciale

It is rare for new vehicles to go up in value as they get older, even with in-demand limited edition models such as the Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint, the Holden Commodore Motorsport Edition, Magnum ute and Calais Director, or even a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

And to prove that exact point, of the all the vehicles listed above only Ferrari’s mid-engined supercar and Holden’s final ute are forecast by resale experts Redbook to have now gone up in value, and in the latter case only with a six-speed manual and not the six-speed auto.

From a 2017 price of $59,290 plus on-road costs, the Magnum ute manual is now worth a maximum $60,500 as a private sale according to the resale guide, even with around 20,000km showing. That’s a lot of kays to have a lot of fun with, in a two-door coupe with a bloody big boot that then gifts you money back after the 12 months comes to a close.

Unfortunately, the Magnum ute auto, $61,490 (plus orc) new is now worth a maximum $58,100 – while buying a Calais Director, $63,990 (plus orc) new, is said to net you just $42,800 on the used market. But obviously owners of the luxe-Commo will dispute this…

A Commodore Motorsport Edition manual, $61,790 (plus orc) new now returns up to $53,000 – while the auto at $63,990 (plus orc) will gift back a lesser $52,200. As MOTOR has already reported, it’s a surprisingly frequent instance where manual holds up over auto…

Even an HSV GTS R W1, $169,990 (plus orc) new, is said to ask $150,800 now, though plenty of sellers are asking for more without a sale in sight. A Maloo GTS R, likewise $99,490 (plus orc) new, now predicted at $83,500 and failing to hold like its Magnum ute sibling.

MOTOR buyers' advice: W1 prices stall

What about the Ford camp? A last-of-the-line Falcon XR6 Sprint wanted $54,990 (plus orc) new and now holds $48,400 in value, the Falcon XR8 Sprint was $59,990 (plus orc) and now wants $56,400 – though it is worth remembering these are two-year-old cars.

And what of that investor special, the heroic Porsche 911 R? A staggering $404,700 (plus orc) new, two years later it will gift back a maximum $329,300 as a maximum private buyer purchase.

One of the only vehicles we could find that Redbook claims has gone up in value is a 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale at $635,000 (plus orc) new and returning $639,800 as a maximum private sale today.

So who would have thought that the perfect investor garage could be a 458 Speciale and Magnum ute? Actually that just sounds like a perfect two-car garage full-stop…