WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 45 now live

Ending the showroom drought, the coolest incoming cars, and the ones that started it all

Daniel Gardner Scott Newman Andy Enright

Reforming for the very first WhichCar Weekly of a new year and a new decade, Andy, Dan and Scott get together to slot 2020 into first gear and aggressively slip the clutch.

First up, a look back at the forgettable year of sales that was 2019. December marked the 21st consecutive month of decline in the new car market and some reports suggest the figure won’t return to growth for another 12 to 18 months.

What’s causing the slide, what is the industry feeling, and can the WCW team singlehandedly conceive an idea to reverse the ominous trend?

Next up, the team turns its view 180 degrees and looks to all the exciting hardware that will launch in the coming year. Unsurprisingly, high-performance and delicious hardware feature prominently in the most anticipated list, but there are a few conservative arrivals that might surprise you.

And finally, they say the car you drive says a lot about your personality, but what about your first car? We find out which cars the WCW trio first called their own.

Maybe the answer is deeply insightful and explains many of the team’s respective nuances, character traits and life decisions. Or perhaps they just got behind the wheel of the first 5hitb@x they could afford.

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