You can expect to hear the WhichCar Weekly crew discussing electric vehicles more frequently as the technology becomes more accessible, feasible and attractive, and our latest episode is certainly no exception.

Sparking the conversation (and the electric puns) this week, is Ford’s utterly jaw-dropping Mustang Mach-E prototype which has been fired into the public eye by a sensational video. Besides the incredible figures and ability of the one-off heavily modified model, the noise created by Ford’s beast is the highlight for Chris, Dan and Tim.

Is this the future of high-performance cars? Will a new generation of car enthusiasts get more excited about the whine of a motor than the bark of an exhaust? Tune in to find out what we think.

Next, Dan has been at the wheel of the newest electric vehicle to arrive in Australian showrooms. Find out what he thought about Mini’s full-electric foray and his one day with the Mini Cooper SE.

And finally, another week, another sweeping aspiration or claim from Tesla founder Elon Musk who, this time, is sticking to his guns that the range of electric cars will still manage level-five autonomy this year. Self-driving experts have wasted no time getting the boot in and highlighting the incredulous nature of Musk’s claims.

The WCW team weighs in with the actual state of autonomous tech and where the other manufacturers stand on the future of cars without human drivers.

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