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How to set up your car mirrors

By Stephen Corby, 05 May 2016 Car Advice

How to set up your car mirrors

You know mirrors are in your car for a reason, but do you know how to set them up properly? Stephen Corby reflects on the best way to use them.

The biggest mistake that many drivers make with their mirrors is not using them at all. How often have you tried to get the attention of a terrible driver in front of you, particularly one sitting in the right-hand lane going slowly, only to realise they’re never going to see you behind them because their mirrors never reflect their eyes.

The second biggest mistake, of course, is not setting up the mirrors properly – both rear-view and side mirrors. (Make sure you’ve completed your seat adjustment before setting up your mirrors.)

The rear-view mirror should be the simplest: Frame the rear window and attempt to get as little reflection of your car’s interior as possible.

With the mirror on the right-hand side, set the height so that the horizon behind you, the point at which the road disappears, is halfway up the image you can see reflected. Now push it out to the right so you can see as little of the side of your car as possible, and as much of the road and other vehicles as you can manage.

The left mirror should be set up in the same way, except when you’re reverse parking – you should dip it down slightly so you can see the gutter next to you and avoid scuffing those wheels.

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