Mercedes-Benz A-Class A180 vs A200: Which Mercedes hatch should I buy?

Which A-Class hatch is better a buy in terms of performance and resale value?

Mercedes-Benz A-Class A180 vs A200: Which Mercedes hatch should I buy?

Question: Mark

I want a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and not sure if I should pick the A180 or $4000 more expensive A200? I will get the AMG and Vision packs which provide a few extra features and better looks. It is used as a weekly, suburban ride and we travel approximately 10,000kms per annum max. Work is 8kms from home. We have a current model BMW X5 for longer trips and carrying stuff if needed. Will the A200 have a better resale value than the A180, as a percentage of new price?

Budget: $50,000

Answer: Scott

That’s a tough call.

On the one hand, the A180 is very similar in specification to the A200 (compare specs here), and wears smaller 17-inch wheels which would slightly improve the A-Class’s rather firm ride quality, however optioning the AMG pack will negate this. It’s also slightly more fuel efficient.

However, the A200’s extra 25kW/50Nm (the two cars use the same engine) could prove decisive in the cut and thrust of traffic – sometimes having that little extra urge can be useful. You should also get more back for the A200 come resale time, though it’s close. Glass’s Guide lists a 49 percent retained value after three years for the A180 and 50 percent for the A200, though be aware that you’re unlikely to get the extra options spend back come sale time.

Our advice would be that given the similarity in spec between the two models, take the A180 for a drive. If you think the performance is adequate for your needs, then perhaps buy that and save yourself a few grand. If you find it a little sluggish and unwilling, the A200 is the car for you!

Happy shopping.



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