Top 5 eco-friendly cars

By Anna Kantilaftas, 07 Apr 2016 Car Advice

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Top 5 eco-friendly cars

We take a look at the top five most environmentally friendly cars that are not run by an electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

There’s no doubt eco-friendly cars are gaining momentum as the world puts increasing significance on the war against climate change.

Manufacturers are investing into producing cars with minimal CO2 emissions, as countries enforce stricter guidelines.

Obviously when it comes to the top performing vehicles, the list is riddled with plug-in hybrid and electric cars. But what about the vehicles that still use petrol or diesel fuel types?

Here are the top five performing cars, according to the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide, that don’t run on electricity.    

1. Fiat 500: 90 g/km

Fiat 500

2. Citroen Cactus: 94 g/km

Citroen Cactus

3. Fiat Panda: 95 g/km

Fiat Panda

4. Audi A1: 97 g/km

Audi A1

5. Mini Cooper D: 97 g/km

Mini Cooper D