Toyota ranked world's most valued automotive brand

By Anna Kantilaftas, 14 Oct 2016 Car Advice

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Toyota ranks first as the world’s best automotive brand, while Tesla sneaks to the top 100.

Australia’s favourite automaker has again been judged one of the world’s biggest tech companies, ranking fifth overall in Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands.

Heading the auto sector for the 13th year, Toyota gained 9 percent on last year, jumping up a spot from last year’s sixth position to sit behind some of the world’s biggest companies including (in order) Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

Toyota is valued at US$53.6 billion behind Apple at US$178.2 billion and Google (US$133.2 billion) and ahead of 13 other global car brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda.

Tesla Motors is the other success story to come out of the report with the US automaker and technology firm jumping into the top 100 for the first time, valued at just US$4 billion.

Each global brand is ranked based on financial performance, influence on customer choice and the brand’s strength to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company.


  • Toyota, +9%, US$53.6 billion (5)
  • Mercedes-Benz, +18%, US$43.5 billion (9)
  • BMW, +12%, US$41.5 billion (11)
  • Honda, -4%, US$22.1 billion (21)
  • Ford, +12%, US$13 billion (33)
  • Hyundai, +11%, US$12.8 billion (35)
  • Audi, +14%, US$11.8 billion (38)
  • Volkswagen, -9 %, US$11.4 billion (40)
  • Nissan, +22%, US$11.1 billion (43)
  • Porsche, +18%, US$9.5 billion (50)
  • Kia, +12%, US$6.3 billion (69)
  • Land Rover, +11%, US$5.7 billion (78)
  • Mini, +18%, US$5 billion (88)
  • Tesla, US$4 billion (100)