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The week that was: Bold kids, $$$ cars and golf cheats

By WhichCar Staff, 31 Aug 2019 Car News

The week that was: Bold kids, $$$ cars and golf cheats

Catch up on the week in automotive news and reviews from the WhichCar desk

It’s not often kids make the news on the motoring scene, but this week we marvelled at the talents of two incredible young people including an eight-year-old German boy nicked for caught speeding in his Mum’s Volkswagen Golf – the very same we wrote about last week!

The kid might have been able to avoid police if he was using the WAZE navigation app, but according to one Aussie state police minister, that could be illegal too.


We were also in awe of this Aussie youth who pretended to be hit by a car – his insipid performance just might have been believable if the car wasn’t stationary and equipped with a dash-cam. The video is quite amusing but, it’s an example of how the affordable technology is helping fight the growing number of insurance scams.

Sport was also front-and-centre this week, with baseball gloves inspiring a new airbag design, and Nissan revealing a new golf ball that makes putting yips a thing of the past. We also looked at how you can race some of the world’s best professional drivers without getting off your couch.

Ferdinand Piech

On a sad note, the father of supercars including the iconic Porsche 917 racer and Bugatti Veyron, and former Volkswagen Group chairman, Ferdinand Piech (above) died at the age of 82. Piech leaves an incredible legacy and is a strong link to a surprising story that SUVs are helping to secure the future of supercars.

Indeed it was a big week for local performance enthusiasts, with news that GM is working on the most powerful engine to be shoehorned into a car with a Holden badge, and an unknown car company is in line to become Australia’s next performance hero.

Meanwhile, Ferrari launched its F8 Tributo at a glittering event in Sydney however, it wasn’t all good news for the Prancing Horse this week, with more than 200 of its cars sold here since 2017 recalled due to a fire risk

Speaking of big bucks, we reviewed the near-million-dollar Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge because, well, someone had to.

Rolls Royce Wraith

Back in the muggle world, Peugeot confirmed its stunning 508 wagon will be joining the sedan version in Australia, Toyota dropped its thirsty V8 petrol LandCruiser, Mitsubishi updated its enduringly popular Outlander medium SUV, and we donned the fluro vests to review the Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ club cab, and all-new Toyota Hiace SLWB diesel van.

Oh, we also uploaded another Wednesday Hump Day Quiz, so test your knowledge if you haven’t already. Until next Friday, keep an eye on WhichCar – the best source of car information, entertainment and advice.