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Downloadable car colouring-in pics for your little Picassos

By Lawrence Cheung, 25 Jul 2020 Car Style

The best boredom-busting car-themed colouring books

Are you and/or your kids bored out of your minds? Try these!

Instructions for colouring in

We've loaded all the images in this story into a clickable gallery above. Simply right-click on the pic you want, and save it to your computer. Then print out to your heart's content!

We'd love to see your best efforts too - head over to our Facebook page and post 'em up!

Craving a way to distract the kids - or yourself-  and put their sticky fingers to good use? How about some car-themed arts and crafts?

We’ve sifted through manufacturers' social feeds and found which brands are offering the chance to design the dream version of our car.

So, fire up the printer, curse at the lack of inkjet cartridges, then sharpen your pencils and pick your way through what we’ve found.

Aston Martin

We'll make a strong start with this Aston Martin DB11, shall we? Do let us know if your kids come up with any particularly daring colour schemes...


While we haven’t found any officially sanctioned Audi colouring-in, this dealership in the UK has saved the day for many Audi fans with colouring pages for an Audi R8, Quattro, TT and Q8. You could even design your one with a blank template. Warm-up your Crayolas, there's a few in this one:

Audi's colouring-in pages can be found here!

DJR Team Penske

Prefer something a little more racy? How about a few Ford Mustang Supercars! With such colourful liveries, you're going to need to break out the BIG box of Faber Castells for these.

Head here for more racecar colouring-in action!

DJR Team Penske colouring-in


We've got both new and classic versions of the iconic Fiat 500 here - would you have them in the same shade, or completely different?

How about one in each of the Italian flag colours? 


Take your pick of cars to colour in here – from sporty ones like the Focus ST, Ford Mustang, and Ford GT supercar, to the more practical side with the Ford Ranger, Transit Custom and, yes, even the Ecosport.

You’ve also got dot-to-dot, a number of mazes to work through and spot-the-difference if the mood changes.

Fancy something three-dimensional? You can build your own origami Puma SUV, available with its own instruction sheet.

Heaps of colouring-in, puzzles and papercraft options at Ford's family fun hub, click here!

Jaguar i-Pace Formula-e

There might not be a classic E-Type here, but if you fancy some motorsport and have a turquoise pencil that’s never been used, your prayers have been answered – with the i-Pace eTrophy VIP electric car.

Download the print-out here!

Land Rover Defender

Have you already configured your dream Defender on the Land Rover site? If you can’t find the colour of your choice (we’re still waiting for Montalcino Red to make a return), how about making your own one here?


We've been granted the best-looking - and sounding - Lexus currently on sale to colour in. You can find both the Super GT racing car and roadgoing version on the link below. We're sad we can't hear that glorious naturally-aspirated V8 afterwards, so we'll just have to pretend this is the hybrid model in EV mode instead.

Download the Lexus LC 500 colouring pages


There’ll be a Mercedes-Benz to suit anyone here, with a comprehensive range of pages with all sorts of models, whether they’re classic or modern. And if that wasn’t enough, make sure you scroll down to the bottom for more pages, including the F1 car and police-liveried Vito.

Find Benz's colouring-in pages here!


Nissan are embracing the colouring-in trend too with their #DrawDrawDraw campaign, and have released a bevy of high-res downloadable DIY illustrations for your enjoyment.

There's a great selection on offer from the company's history, from a tough-looking modern-day Nissan X-Trail to the classic Datsun 1600 and, of course, the mighty GT-R and beloved 240Z. 

Head here to download Nissan's colouring-in templates!

Datsun 1600 colouring in

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce crabmobile

This one has an extra special element to it, because Rolls Royce wants to reward its most creative young followers with actual prizes!

All you have to do is sketch out your vision for the Rolls Royce of the future and send your designs through to Rolls Royce via their competition page here. The best will receive a prize and praise! Need some inspiration?

Well, the highly unorthodox crab-inspired design below (the submitted entry is in the top left of the above pic) should give you some hints about what Rolls is looking for. Go nuts!

Enter the competition here!

Toyota Gazoo Racing

How about a Le Mans theme? You can choose from the TS-series range, including the title-winning TS050 Hybrid below:



Toyota: Build your own 86

Had enough scribbling? What if you’re running low on crayons and pencils? Well, Toyota has gone towards the Year Two after-lunch-on-a-Wednesday route, with cut-outs of the retro-liveried 86s from 2015 for you to stick together.

They’re already coloured-in for you, so you just need to cut them out, apply glue and shape them the best you can. We can’t be held responsible for any glue-related mishaps, but please do tag us or send us pictures of any that you have.

Download the files for Toyota's papercraft 86 here!

This article was originally published on CARmagazine.co.uk