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2017 WhichCar Style Awards: Top 5 style features of the Audi A4

By WhichCar Staff, 01 Feb 2017 Car Style

The Audi A4 may not have received a drastic make-over, but judges agreed it was a quietly sophisticated class act.

2017 WhichCar Style Awards: Top 5 style features of the Audi A4

When Audi released the new ninth generation Audi A4, most were left scratching their chins at the familiarity of its exterior. Upon closer inspection, however, this is a sedan that presents exquisite detailing and its well-considered design elements become apparent the moment you ease yourself inside.

While it received improved dynamics, better safety equipment, and a punchier powertrain, stylistically the exterior was a bit ‘samey’. The cabin, however, got the red-carpet treatment, resulting in a stunning, refined and well-thought-out design.

Audi A4 WhichCar Style Awards

The judges of the WhichCar Style Awards labelled it “understated and refined” with “chic minimalist interiors”. Judge Ged Bulmer likened it to a “well-made suit that you can pull out of your cupboard 10 years later and it’s still going to be just as good today as it was when you first bought it”.

  • Although there was some criticism of a disconnect between the exterior and interior of some of the Style Award finalists, judges deemed the Audi’s style coherent. Designers managed to create a stylish flow from the outside in.

  • While the skin of the A4 only received a marginal upgrade, its clamshell bonnet, wider arrowhead LED headlights and sleek lines offer a polished silhouette.

  • It is inside the Audi A4 where it really hits its stride. Audi is known for beautifully crafted, classy interiors, and the A4 doesn’t disappoint with its spacious, elegant, high-tech cabin, filled with opulent textiles and an uncluttered dash.

  • It’s got plenty of space. An extra 244mm in the front and 233mm in the rear sees the Audi A4 take on some of its roomier competitors.

  • With the option of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, the instrument panel is dazzling. Not only does it reveal a James Bond-esque feel, but it also looks tidy.