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Fastest Electric Cars

25 Nov 2012 Features

Fastest Electric Cars

As Tesla announces plans for an updated version of their Roadster, we look at the quickest electric concepts, prototypes and production models to have four (or more) wheels.

This all-electric beast has a single-speed gearbox that creates torque from zero RPM. It does 0-100 in under four seconds.

All-electric beast

Supercar specialists Shelby put together an all-electric version of their Aero in 2009. It gets to 100 in under three seconds, and tops out north of 330kmh.

Shelby electric supercar

This Audi concept recently broke the electric record at the legendary Nurburgring. It lapped the circuit in just a little over eight minutes. Rumour has it we'll see an all-electric R8 in production next year.

Audi R8 e-tron

This one-off electric custom model belongs to Ian Wright, the owner of Wrightspeed powertrains. He modified an Ariel Atom to create what was, at the time, the fastest street-legal electric vehicle. It does 0-100 in three seconds flat.

Electric Custom Car


Student at Ohio State University have been building and improving on this electric car since the early 2000s. It currently holds the world land-speed record for electric vehicles, having hit 495kmh.  

World Land-Speed Record for Electric Vehicles

This tiny Croation company have made big waves with their electric supercar. The Concept One, which is currently taking pre-orders, does 0-100 in under three seconds. You can own one next year for just under a million bucks.

Concept One Electric Car

There have been prototypes of the Lightning GT around since 2009, and next year they'll finally go into production, though Lightning have said they'll only produce twenty in the first twelve months. It's driven by twin electric motors, and does 0-100 in under five seconds.

Lightning GT Electric Car

There were only four of these two-seat prototypes built in the late 90s and early 2000s, but they were among the first to show how much low-end torque you could put in an EV. Watch this one smoke a Ferrari 355, twice.

Two-seat electric car prototype

The brainchild of researchers at Keio University, Toyko, the Eliica is an eight-wheeled speed machine specifically designed to break records. There's a model geared especially for acceleration, and one for speed, and they're aiming to break the 400 kmh mark. Watch as the Eliica beats a Porsche 911 Turbo to 160 kmh by almost two seconds.

Eight-wheeled electric car