Europe's dirty dozen tuner cars

Aftermarket hits and misses from the recent Geneva show

Mansory Trofeo

If personalization is your bag and money is of little object, Geneva proved that nothing exceeds like excess.

Mansory Trofeo

German tuner Mansory unveiled its re-bodied Torofeo enhancement of Lamborghini’s Huracan that’s powered by a rebuilt and turbocharged version of the glorious 5.2-litre V10, said to produce in the neighborhood of 745kW.

Mansory G63 AMG Sahara Edition

The conceptual antithesis to Mansory’s 1000-horsepower Huracan is the company’s military-themed G-Class AMG, which sits on 22-inch rims and boasts a weapons-grade 615kW from 5.5 litres of twin-turbocharged V8 splendor.

MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport

Tuning house MTM has treated Ingolstadt’s hyper family-hauler to a Clubsport makeover, combining lairy ’90s paintwork, 21-inch rolling stock and a ferocious 560kW from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.   

Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso

More a design reinterpretation than pure ‘tuning’ exercise, perhaps, but coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera’s retro-infused restyling of Ferrari’s flagship F12 was certainly one of the most stunning lookers of the Geneva show. 

Techart 911 Targa 4S

While the mechanical package of Techart’s striking Targa 4S remains largely factory spec, the wild lime-yellow Porsche showcases an array of the company’s aero/bodywork, rolling stock, suspension and interior enhancements.

AC Schnitzer BMW M4 ‘ACS4 Sport’

While it’s questionable whether AC Schnitzer has improved the nails-tough factory M4 styling with its distinctive makeover, the tuning house’s handiwork under the bonnet has massaged around 380kW and 645Nm from the M coupe’s punchy turbo six.

Ruf RGT 4.2

Porsche tuner Ruf, creators of the legendary Yellow Bird, showcased a fleet of enhanced 911s, including its RGT 4.2, boasting a bespoke 4178cc naturally-aspirated flat-six that, at 386kW/500Nm, outpunches Porsche’s new (4.0L) GT3 RS.

Ruf Turbo Florio

Keen to plug holes in the 911 range Porsche hasn’t filled, Ruf offers a turnkey, 465kW turbocharged targa-topped special that can be ordered in Turbo-like all-paw or GT2-like rear-wheel drive, with either a manual or PDK transmission.   

Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe

This insane take on AMG’s S63 Coupe enlarges the factory 5.5-litre V8 to 5.9 litres, resulting in 625kW, a planet-shifting 1150Nm boast and a formidable 3.5sec 0-100km/h acceleration claim from the king-sized two-door coupe.

Brabus Rocket 900

The Coolest Nameplate Of Show Award goes to Brabus’s Rocket 900, in honour of the AMG S65 sedan-based model’s near 900-horsepower (660kW) boast, backed by an incredible 1500Nm courtesy of its biturbo V12’s expanded 6.3-litre capacity.

Sbarro Aria concept

Taking tuning and customization to the extreme, the Aria is the result of 26 design students starting with the Subaru 2.0-litre turbo boxer and end up with one inspired, composite-constructed 1100kg sportscar.

Hamann Macan Diesel S

More lightly tuned than many Geneva contemporaries was Harmann’s enhanced oiler Macan, offering a modestly boosted 221kW and 670Nm from its diesel V6 in a package resplendent in classic Gulf Oil-Wyer livery.

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