Nissan's fearsome Skyline GT-R, almost three years old but still the benchmark Japanese performance car, has spawned a four door offshoot that looks like Japan's answer to the BMW M5.

Conceived by Autech, an arm of the Nissan group responsible for many of the company's special build cars in the past, the new Skyline runs a naturally aspirated version of the GT-R's 2.6 litre straight six.

The engine is linked to a four speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. The Autech car does share the GT-R's advanced electronically controlled variable torque split 4WD system, set up to give a similarly sporting rear drive bias.

While removing the twin turbos from the GT-R's mighty twin cam 24 valve engine for more accurate throttle response, Autech has added its own pistons, cams, manifold and engine management program.

The result? Peak power is a stirring 162 kW at 6800 rpm, torque is 245 Nm at 5200 rpm.

Further Autech modifications include ultra-rigid multi-link suspension, and high performance alloy brake calipers.