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VIDEO: Holden Rodeo track monster clears its lungs

By Louis Cordony, 12 Mar 2015 Features

Mid-engine V8 Holden Rodeo starts up and revs

VIDEO: Holden Rodeo track monster clears its lungs

Being Australia, we’re more than familiar with the concept of high-performance utes.

Even so, no hay-hauler prepared us for this Holden Rodeo built by Mike Moore.

Sporting a mid-engine V8, steel space frame, and ‘around’ 447kW, it is clear utility was engineered out of this second-generation Rodeo long ago. It has been brainwashed to think, behave and sound like a race car.

We’ve scraped together some short footage of the Rodeo clearing its lungs on start-up and out on Winton Raceway track. And while the grainy iPhone quality video won’t win us an Oscar, you get a good idea to what degree of insanity this hellacious track monster was built.

Have a watch, then once you’re done, check out our picture gallery for the full story.

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