4X4 Equip has taken modern LED technology and made it easy-to-use in these new flexible light strips.

There’s nothing like escaping the perpetually-lit high rises and neon signs of the big smoke to rediscover the night sky in all its starry glory, with nothing but a crackling campfire for warmth and illumination.

However, that’s not much help when you suddenly need to search the first-aid kit/tool box/instruction manual after sunset.

Sure, there are countless products available when it comes to portable lighting, but the guys and girls at Australian-owned 4X4 Equip have moved above and beyond the trusty old head torch in their design of these flexible LED light strips – particularly handy as a permanent set-up for tourers, mounted, for example, to the cargo barrier, or rear drawer system.

The Twin Duo 90 LED strip (90cm x 2cm, featuring 80 LEDs) can be easily switched between white (for optimal visibility) and yellow (for reduced insect attraction), or a mix of both, while the Twin 50 (50cm x 2cm, featuring 40 LEDs) is available in one or the other.

They will run on any 12V battery, and are supplied with six metres of cable, an in-line switch and a fused cigarette-lighter plug for increased portability. Thanks to the efficiency of LEDs, battery draw is an economical 100-200mA (depending on the amount of LEDs).

Mount the lights using clips and screws, also available from 4X4 Equip (packs of three for $7.95) – or use Velcro, or cable ties, depending on your individual requirements and placement.

The flexibility of the light ribbons is certainly a clever feature, allowing you to bend them around corners or over curved surfaces with obvious benefits – not least of which is ensuring you only light up the area that needs it, leaving those campers to ponder the universe in peace.

Twin Duo 90, $99.95
Twin 50, $49.95

Ph 03 8761 6276 or visit 4X4equip.com.au