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Narva Extreme HID product test

By Mark Allen, 25 Feb 2016 Electronics & Gadgets

Narva Extreme HID product test

With an extremely clever design, these bright Narva HID lights live up to their name.

I have been poking around the darkness with a set of 50W Narva Extreme HID driving lights for more than six months now. Having had the Narva 225s for many years, I can notice some advantages of owning the Extremes.

Don’t be put off by the extreme-looking external cage-like mounting bracketry and the 360-degree protective chromoly steel frame – these lights are suitable for touring and general night driving as well as ‘extreme’ off-roading.

Because the light housing is suspended from the outer framework via rubber grommets, vibration dampening reduces long-term internal damage, and the fastenings are less prone to loosen.

Narva circular lightsRegarding the actual light throw; one main difference is the driving light’s larger spot area, although the spread-light pattern is similarly wide. This equates to a more useable light projection than the sabre-like beam of the 225 spotty – both great lights but different!

Although I’ve not yet dunked my lights, they are said to be IP67-rated, meaning they are submersible and feature a Gore-Tex breather to ensure total sealing.

The Extremes are available in halogen bulbs as well, but I’ve not tested them, so I can only comment on the brightness of the HID bulbs, which are fitted with the latest Gen5 internal ballasts and waterproof connectors. The brackets and outer rings, however, are identical across the range.

Top mounted knobThe top-mounted knob means tools aren’t needed to adjust the light’s vertical range to align it on road after loading and unloading weight in to the Land Cruiser. Such adjustments are mainly needed for the concentrated spot light. Any further adjustments (which generally wouldn’t be needed) require the relevant tools. The lights have a very deep dish that, combined with the external rings, takes up plenty of real-estate on the bullbar, so be sure you have adequate room.

Narva Extreme HID sideFrom corrugated tracks and rough low-range work to regular highway runs, the lights’ mounting brackets have proved sturdy enough to limit annoying vibrations. The actual light is ridiculously bright, so you need to be aware of oncoming motorists and of dipping your lights when approaching reflective road signs.

All up, these lights are well worth the side effects of having people think you’re a bit extreme!


Available from: www.narva.com.au
RRP: $899 
We say: Sturdy and ridiculously bright.

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