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How to replace bushings and grommets

By Philip Lord, 17 Dec 2015 Gear

How to replace bushings and grommets

Replacing sway bar bushes and grommets is an easy task.

Sway bar bushes and grommets are routine replacements for vehicles that have clocked up a heap of kilometres.

It’ll vary according to the vehicle and how it’s used, but anything with more than 100,000km is fair game for new bushes.

You’ll know the time’s up on the existing bushings when they begin to crack or get out of shape. Another sign of bushings behaving badly is when the sway bar rattles when you drive over bumps.

The bushings insulate the sway bar at the two attachment points at the frame (or chassis) and the grommets insulate the sway bar ends where they attach to the sway bar links.

Removing the old bushes simply requires the removal of a bash plate (if any) or any other components such as a lower engine cover that might be in the way.

Then the sway bar can be unbolted from the links and the frame.

The sway bar bushings often have a split in them so that they can be removed easily over the sway bar (as those pictured here), but even if they’re not, they can be taken off the sway bar ends once it’s removed from the links.

After the new bushings have been fitted, the grommets can be installed at the links at each end of the sway bar. Bolt it all up to your vehicle-specific torque settings, re-fit the bash plate and the job’s done.

1. Remove engine cover or bash plate to gain access to the sway bar.

Step 1 remove engine cover

2. Jack up vehicle and support with stands.

Step 2 jack up vehicle

3.Rubber cracking on this upper bushing suggests it is on its way out.

3 rubber cracking suggests way out

4. This sway bar to frame bushing is quite distorted and needs replacing.

4 sway bar is distorted and needs replacing

5. Remove the sway bar to frame securing clamp.

5 removing swaybar to frame

6. Separate the bushing from the sway bar clamps.

6 seperate bushing from sway bar

7. Old versus new sway bar to frame bushings.

7 old versus new

8. Unbolt the sway bar to link connection.

8 unbolting sway bar to link connection

9. Remove the retainer, then top grommet followed by the sway bar and lower grommet.

9 removing retainer grommet and sway bar

10. Fit new grommets and sway bar to sway bar links.

10 fitting new grommets and sway bar

11. Re-attach remaining grommets, retainers and retainer nuts to sway bar link.

11 attach remaining grommets nuts and bolts

12. Fit new sway bar bushing and clamp to sway bar.

Fitting new sway bar bushing and clamp

13. Clamp down new bushes and sway bar to frame.

Clamp down new sway bar and bushings

14. Re-attach bash plate and remove vehicle safety stands.

14 Reattach bash plate and remove vehicle safety stand


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