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MSA 4X4 driving mirrors

By Justin Walker, 16 May 2019 Gear

MSA 4X4 driving mirrors out now news

Do you frequently tow a camper of caravan? MSA 4x4’s driving mirrors could make life a whole lot easier.

MSA 4x4 has been busy working on these awesome new towing/driving mirrors, designed to not only offer excellent rearward vision when towing that camper or caravan, but also can be kept on the vehicle even when you’re not towing, without the handicap of adding extra width to your vehicle.

The mirrors’ design revolves around a large single mirror that pivots on an extra heavy-duty slide that enables you to return the mirror to its non-towing position (and thus narrower overall vehicle width).

Features include four different mirror positions: unextended horizontal and unextended vertical when not towing; plus extended horizontal and also vertical when towing. Pretty damn clever and it also saves the hassle of having to always fit and then remove additional mirrors when needed for towing purposes. The mirrors are easy to fit, are ADR compliant, and come with a five-year warranty.

Website: www.msa4x4.com.au