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New 4x4 exhaust system, oil separator kits and fuel filters

By Dean Mellor, 09 Feb 2020 Gear

New 4x4 exhaust system oil separator kits fuel filters feature

A closer look at Outlaw 4x4’s stainless steel exhausts, Process West’s Air-Oil Separator kits, JLM’s Diesel DPF Regen Plus and Direction-Plus’ Preline-Plus.

Outlaw 4x4 stainless steel exhaust systems

Outlaw 4x4 has recently expanded its range of stainless steel exhaust systems for 4x4s.

Most of Outlaw 4x4’s exhausts are offered as ‘turbo back’ systems, which include a high-flow turbo dump pipe for maximum turbo response, a high-flow diesel-spec catalytic converter where applicable, mandrel bent tubing, a premium quality flex joint for system longevity and minimal NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), and high-flow tube and muffler designs.

All systems are manufactured using 409-grade stainless steel, and full stainless steel mufflers are employed to ensure they operate as designed long after lesser mild steel or aluminium-coated mild steel systems have failed.

RRP: From $1100-$2000
Website: mercurymufflers.com.au

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Process West TerraTuff SEPR8R Air Oil Separator Kits

TerraTuff SEPR8R Air Oil Separator Kits are manufactured from billet aluminium and feature a removable lid and filtration assembly with a 650ml capacity.

An over-pressure relief valve prevents system malfunction in the case of blockage, and there’s a drain port incorporated into main housing with an optional drain valve available. The unique low-restriction anti-clog polyurethane filtration system is washable and reusable, and provides 4um filtering.

Laser cut brackets allow for vehicle-specific fitment and the kits are supplied with quality clamps and mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

RRP: From $385.00
Website: www.4x4modsaustralia.com.au

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JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus

Just add JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus to your vehicle’s fuel tank and the company claims it will prevent the diesel particulate filter from becoming blocked.

The high concentration of active ingredients in DPF ReGen Plus is designed to ensure that soot in the diesel particulate filter burns at a lower temperature and therefore sooner and cleaner. In other words, it’s aimed at improving the DPF regeneration process (cleaning process).

JLM Diesel DPF ReGen Plus is particularly suitable for late model 4WDs that primarily make short journeys, and vehicles that operate at lower speeds. JLM recommends adding 250ml of Diesel DPF ReGen Plus to your fuel tank for every 50 litres of fuel, and says that regular use can prevent DPF problems and help avoid expensive repairs.

RRP: $21.95
Website: www.gcg.com.au

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Direction-Plus PreLine-Plus

The Direction-Plus PreLine-Plus is described as an innovative pre-filter that has been designed to protect your diesel fuel system from corrosion and abrasion.

The PreLine-Plus kit includes an intuitive multistage water alert and is claimed to provide 100 per cent water-separation efficiency and a long service life. The manufacturer also claims the PreLine-Plus meets the specifications set by leading manufactures of diesel fuel injection systems.

RRP: From $550
Website: www.direction-plus.com

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