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New 4x4 Gear: ARB Intensity V2, Ironman 4x4 Hilux Bullbar, Carbon Offroad recovery rope

By Justin Walker, 17 Feb 2019 Gear

New 4x4 Gear ARB Intensity V2 Ironman 4x4 Hilux Bullbar Carbon Offroad recovery rope feature

The tough stuff for the tough life.

The wilderness is an unforgiving place and the last thing you want is your equipment failing in the middle of nowhere. Which is why these new gear pieces from ARB, Ironman 4x4, and Carbon Offroad are built to weather all elements.  

ARB Intensity V2

ARB has released a new incarnation of its Intensity light, dubbed the V2, and it comes with a raft of improvements over the previous-gen light.

The single 32 spot now pushes out a beam to 795m (up 35 per cent on the previous model); the single 32 flood to 677m; the single 21 spot now reaches 693m (a 35 per cent increase); and the single 21 flood – like its 32 spot sibling – has up to 18m spread on each side. The Intensity V2 light temp is now warmer – at 5700 Kelvin colour temp – which helps reduce eye strain.

Construction is high-pressure cast aluminium body, with a polycarbonate lens and polycarbonate protective cover. The Intensity V2 is submersible up to a depth of three metres and is rated to IP68 for dust and water ingress. ARB claims a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Website: www.arb.com.au

Ironman 4x4 Hilux bullbar (2018-onwards)

Ironman 4x4 has released a new bullbar for the recently facelifted Toyota Hilux (2018-onwards). The bar is built using premium-grade material such as SPHC oil and pickled steel (not mild steel), all joined via 360-degree robotic welds to ensure this piece of frontal protection equipment is up for anything. Using these materials also makes it highly rust-resistant.

The bar was scanned using 3D technology to ensure a correct fit to the front of the Hilux, and it’s ADR compliant and airbag compatible. You can fit a winch via the bar’s unique mounting cradle that has been designed to remove unwanted weight from the bar.

The bar’s black powder-coating is AkzoNobel for a more robust and smoother finish. There are spot and light-bar mount points, recessed LED parker and indicator lights, provision for an aerial, and an integrated high-lift jack point.

Website: www.ironman4x4.com

Carbon Offroad kinetic recovery rope

This kinetic recovery rope from the team at Carbon Offroad is a nylon (polyamide) double-braided core and sheath rope that is treated with a coating of the core and sheath fibre to produce a claimed 15 per cent increase in abrasion resistance over rope without that coating.

The rope has an average diameter of 24mm, a breaking strain in excess of 12,000kg, and a weight of 378g per metre. In short (excuse the pun) it’s lightweight but super strong. Braiding a dynamic fibre, such as nylon, into a rope means the more load you place on the rope, the more stretch you will get – ideal for those rope-based recoveries – but without the vehicle copping too much shock-loading during the process. Carry bag is included.

Website: www.carbonwinches.com.au