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Winch crushes Holden Rodeo: Video

By Matt Raudonikis, 14 Mar 2017 Gear

Can a winch cut a 4x4 in two? We sacrifice a Holden Rodeo to find out.

Winch crushes Holden Rodeo cover

4X4 Australia goes myth-busting.

We’ve all heard the story of someone’s mate who had their 4x4 cut in two when some unscrupulous swine ran the winch cable back over the car, hooked it to the towbar and powered the winch to crush the roof. But has anyone ever seen it happen, or is it just one of those tales you hear around the campfire?

How to: Winch redirection

We enlisted the crew at Sherpa 4x4 to help us prove whether or not this was actually possible. Can a 12-volt winch crush a 4x4? Sherpa fitted one of its Steed 17,000lb 12-volt winches to the front of a sacrificial, old Rodeo and welded a custom mount to the back to set up the destruction.

The Sherpa Steed 17,000 is a far bigger winch than anyone would sanely fit to a Holden Rodeo, but we were going to put it to the test. With its genuine Albright solenoids, gearbox-mounted brake and heavy duty steel cable we knew the Steed would be up to the job.

Winch racing returns at the 2016 Wild Dog Winch Challenge

Sherpa winches are also available in 9500lb, 12,000lb and dual motor 17,000lb models, and all can be equipped with steel cable or synthetic rope options. With their heavy duty design, quality components and five-year warranty we reckon these Sherpa winches are some of the better-value-for-money winches on the market.

So how did the Sherpa Steed do? Watch the video to see the results.

Sherpa 4x4: www.sherpa4x4.com.au