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Patriot Campers hosts Camp Patriot touring events

By Matt Raudonikis, 16 Apr 2019 Events

Camp Patriot by Patriot Campers feature

Patriot Campers sets up Camp Patriot touring events, to connect owners with each other and the brand.

YOU’D HAVE to be living under a rock for the past five years not to notice the juggernaut that is Patriot Campers. From the TV shows to the Supertourers and the wild adventures, it seems Justin Montesalvo and his team are everywhere.

As big as it has become, the Patriot brand would be nothing without its innovative camper trailers and the people that use them. With sales of Patriot Campers booming, the group of owners is growing and banding together for adventures of their own.

There are several Patriot Campers’ owners’ groups on social media, with the ‘official’ Facebook group having close to 3000 members; sharing tips, tricks and secrets of how they enjoy their camper trailers.

Patriot Campers has recognised this thriving community and now hosts Camp Patriot events to better connect owners with the business and each other. Camp Patriot events will be held around the country, and we joined them on recent jaunt in the Victorian High Country.

Organised by Patriot’s Victorian distributor Camping Adventures and led by CA chief Graham Pryde, the camp was set up near Sheepyard Flat outside Mansfield in readiness for three days of fun and adventure.

A total of 13 Patriot campers attended the weekend, which included all the variants from early X1s to the compact X2 and even the latest X1H which was brought down by the team from Patriot HQ in Queensland. They came filled with families and couples, behind a wide variety of 4x4s from three states.

Most of the crew left their campers set up at camp on Saturday morning as they set off to tour of some of the best local tracks and sights. The convoy covered steep and sometimes slippery mountain tracks, crossed creeks and rivers, and visited some stunning lookouts and historic alpine huts.

It was a full day of driving before they found their way back to camp, where a cook-off was enjoyed around the campfire. Some of the crew went touring again on the Sunday while others packed up and headed for home as the event was over all too soon.

Camp Patriot events are being set up regularly, with one scheduled for Queensland in May. A huge one is planned to cross the Simpson Desert in June, linking up with the Patriot race team in Finke for the annual Finke Desert Race.

Keep an eye on the Patriot Campers website for details and to register your interest.