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Gosford Classic Cars auction preview

By Chris Thompson, 15 Mar 2019 News

Gosford Classic Cars auction preview feature

Top picks for MOTORheads from the Gosford museum’s untimely closure

The Gosford Classic Car Museum has closed down.

It’s sad news for enthusiasts, but for collectors there is a silver lining – hundreds of cars need new homes, and Lloyds is going to auction them off.

Representing Lloyds for the auction to wrap up on April 7 at the museum is former F1 world champion Alan Jones.

“This collection is one never to be forgotten,” Jones says.

“It is extremely special and admired by many collectors and enthusiasts across the globe, including myself”.

We’ve sifted through the list and pulled out a list of highlights from the Gosford Classic Car Museum collection that we think would look in the MOTOR garage, or in yours.

2017 Nissan R35 GT-R Nismo

With only 104km on the odometer, someone’s set to pick up an effectively-new GT-R.

A 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 makes it one of the fastest road cars getting around, even if it didn’t secure the enviable prime position when it joined us at PCOTY 2018.

The modern-day Godzilla is capable of incredible driving feats, and its bidding currently sits at just $157,000. There are three weeks to go, so we expect that to climb.

PCOTY 2018: GT-R Nismo

2016 Porsche 911 R

One of the rarest 911s around has already drummed up $261,000 during the auction so far at time of publish, with plenty more time for that to rise.

With 1321km showing, one of only 29 examples delivered to Australia is almost guaranteed to be one of the hottest lots in the auction.

2015 HSV GTS Maloo

This LSA-powered ute icon is up for grabs with delivery kilometres… making it essentially a new Maloo. Bidding hasn’t broken into six-figures yet, but its current $67,000 bid isn’t likely to last long.

Celebrating the manual: Maloo R8 LSA

2007 Maybach 57S

As one of only six, this S-Class-based Maybach made our list based on its rarity, rather than based on its tastefulness.

It does also have a Mercedes 6.0-litre V12, which everyone could do with a little bit of in their lives.

2006 Aston Martin DBRS9

Why wouldn’t you want a racecar in your garage?

One of only 26, this Aston racer was prepared by Prodrive in the UK and is ready to race in a GT3-spec race – though it never has.

It’s also only sitting on a $121,001 bid at time of publish. Bargain!

2006 Ferrari Superamerica

Six of these convertible Prancing Horses were delivered to Australia, and this one appear to be in pristine condition.

The current bidder is hoping $280,000 will be enough to get access to that glorious V12.

2002 Porsche 911 GT2

The 996 GT2 is a proper race-bred road car, and as predecessor to the 2019 Performance Car of the Year it’s part of an important lineage for Porsche.

This one’s been around the block a few times with 40,047km on the odometer, but that’s not stopping bidders - $180,000 is the top bid at time of writing.

MOTOR feature: Evolution of the 911 GT2

1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV

One of a limited 100-car run of Diablo SVs, and even fewer right-hand drive versions, this Italian V12 was imported from the UK where it was sold new – thus its 18,607 mile odo reading rather than a 29,938km reading.

$162,000 is the current bid for this loud and proud Raging Bull.

Legend Series: Lamborghini Diablo

1993 Porsche 928 GTS

Not the most desirable Porsche, but one of the most accessible, the 928 is starting to pick up in popularity.

This is a GTS, so it’s a little rarer with only 621 having been built according to Gosford Classic Cars. Its V8 has helped it travel 109,057km, so it’s not pristine, but its bidding has still reached $48,000 so far.

Read more: How the 928 came to be

1992 Ferrari Testarossa 512TR

The Red Head, here in its traditional Rosso Corsa, is probably one of Ferrari’s most recognisable cars. This particular Testarossa is currently sitting on a $155,001 bid,  and looks stunningly tidy throughout.

It’s almost like it was part of a museum collection!

1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV

This V12-powered lairy Lambo is asking a lot at the moment, with $232,000 sitting as the highest bid, but for that someone is getting a car that’ll turn just about every head in sight.

Just about everything is original, and in its 34 years has travelled just shy of 70,000km.

Bucket List drives: Countach QV

1980 Holden/HDT VC Brock Commodore

Almost any car with ‘Brock’ in its name is destined to be snapped up by a collector, but with 125,430km on the odo this VC has done a few rounds, making it a potential bargain.

Although, with its current bid of $74,000, that might depend on your definition of ‘bargain’.

1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB

The Ferrari currently commanding the highest bid of the marque is this 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer.

With only 33,036km travelled since 1976, it’s no surprise the current bid is $322,773.

It’s one of only 88 right-hook versions of the GT4 BB, according to Gosford, with this car having been sold new in Parramatta in ’75.