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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 35 now live

By WhichCar staff, 27 Sep 2019 Podcast

WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 35 now live

Dan puts the Dan in danger and Rivian – the van that converts Scotty into a volt-head

Regular listeners to the WhichCar Weekly podcast will know, all too well, that Andy is normally the one finding himself inadvertently placed in the mortal danger, often with hilarious consequences. But this week it is Dan that's laughing in the face of danger.

Not only has he encountered the perils of mixing public transport and monster trucks, but he also pushed a high-end German car close to its maximum speed on a public road. Did the entire world implode in a blinding flash of twisted metal and broken headlights, or was everyone completely fine? Tune in to find out.

The WCW team welcomes back Nathan to discuss whether Australia could ever revise its draconian speed limits and the nation’s attitude towards speed, and Dan thinks he has a solution.

Later, the conversation turns to electric vehicles and a milestone deal with American manufacturer Rivian. With global heavyweight Amazon climbing on the zero-emissions bandwagon, is this the tipping point for EVs?

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, another electric car might just have finally convinced Scott that EVs can work for performance enthusiasts as well as day-to-day commuters looking to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

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