DENSO injects life into your diesel

Have your vehicle running at peak performance with DENSO Authorised X-Change Diesel Injectors.

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Some workshops recommend non-genuine parts because they reduce costs and thereby your total invoice. The real value is in the durability and efficiencies of running your vehicle when it comes to fuel consumption. Fuel efficiencies can be affected and have an added hidden cost in the long term of non-genuine fitted parts.

The OEM industry understands what it means to run an engine at peak performance and that’s why they choose to have DENSO injectors fitted when manufacturing new vehicles. Unauthorised aftermarket repaired injectors don’t often run at optimum performance as designed. DENSO remanufactured X-Change injectors get restored back to original specifications as set by the OEM manufacturer.

DENSO is a leading manufacturer of diesel fuel injectors and pumps in Australia. For over 65 years they built themselves into the top provider of high quality vehicle parts. All DENSO products are made with the highest level of care ensuring that they provide a reliable, long-term solution for vehicles. Unlike DENSO injectors, unauthorised aftermarket repaired injectors may not be running at the optimum performance as designed. DENSO remanufactured X-Change injectors get restored back to original specifications as set by the OEM manufacturer.

CFI Australia is the only remanufacturing facility in Australia authorised by DENSO to conduct the remanufacturing of DENSO injectors. DENSO provides genuine injector components remanufactured through a rigorous controlled process. All injectors are calibrated by certified equipment and the calibration codes get recorded on each injector body. These new codes are keyed into the ECU of your vehicle during the installation and provide the correct data to make sure each injector is performing correctly. All the data collected from the remanufacturing process is sent directly to DENSO Japan where results are monitored.

DENSO remanufactured X-Change injectors after re-calibration.

DENSO X-Change injectors are remanufactured to a high standard. They are required to pass the same factory tests that new injector must meet. As a result, X-Change injectors are backed with the same warranty as any new injector.

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When you purchase these injectors packaged in the X-Change blue box, you know that it has gone through the authorised remanufacturing channel. The DENSO X-Change Diesel injector program is only sold and supported throughout the DENSO Authorised Diesel Service Network in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania regions. So whenever you are considering to purchase a remanufactured diesel injector, “If it’s not blue, it’s not true”.

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Until the 31st of October, CFI Australia is offering $100 Cash Back on a select number of DENSO diesel fuel injectors. Customers who purchase these specially marked packs, will be given the choice between receiving a $100 EFTPOS card or donating their $100 Cash Back to the Buy a Bale charity. For more information, visit


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