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How far should you sit from the steering wheel?

By Stephen Corby, 03 May 2016 Car Advice

How far should you sit from the steering wheel?

Sitting in the correct driving position is critical for avoiding fatigue and remaining safely in control of your car. Here’s how to get the distance right.

There are few things more hilariously stupid to see than someone in a car next to you at the lights, sitting so close to the dash that their nose is brushing the windscreen.

Typically, this kind of driver also has a look of bafflement and fear on their face, as if the road ahead, and all the cars on it, might suddenly jump up and attack them.

Besides the fact that having a relaxed seating position is vital to avoid stress and exhaustion while driving (the percentage of accidents in which fatigue is a factor is one statistic we aren’t berated with enough) sitting too close to the wheel is obviously unsafe.

At that distance, an airbag detonation is going to do horrible things to your face, while your arms are in no position to brace you when your hands are only inches from your shoulders.

To make sure you’re sitting far enough away, push your shoulders back into the seat and extend your arms over the top of your steering wheel. Your wrists should rest easily on top of the wheel’s rim. Any closer is too close.

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