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Bush cooking with Roothy: Sweet Chilli Coconut Prawn

By John Rooth, 14 Oct 2016 Bush Cooking

Roothy puts another prawn in the frying pan.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Sweet Chilli Coconut Prawn

IT MAY sound like a dish served at a ritzy, high-end establishment, but this campsite tucker is as simple as they come.

Seafood isn’t your thing? Perhaps these recipes are more up your alley: Pesto Pork, Pickled Dogs, or Apple Spring Rolls.

Before you end up on some out-of-the-way track in the middle of nowhere, stop by a market and/or supermarket and purchase some frozen green prawns – they’ll keep in the Engel for ages!

First thing to do to get this delicious dish underway is to heat up some oil in a pan on the Gladiator. Then, when it’s hot enough, throw the frozen prawns on top.

As they sizzle away, add a few tablespoons of garlic – the more the merrier. Sprinkle in some chilli flakes and stir through.

By now the prawns should have started to change colour. When they’re no longer pink, tip over a bottle of sweet chilli sauce and pour a heap of it on top. A squirt of lime juice also works a treat.

For the final touches, add a can of coconut cream and a touch of salt. Boil it away until the prawns look ready to eat – test one if need be.

Served with a side of rice, this protein-packed dish is a winner for all ages!