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Choosing the "best stock off-road 4x4" is tricky

By Matt Raudonikis, 27 Jul 2019 Opinion

Choosing the best stock off-road 4x4 opinion

After giving the subject much thought, 4x4 Australia has named the "Serious Seven" in its August 2019 issue.

IT’S ALWAYS fun to compile ‘best of’ lists. It gives us something to crap on about in the office or around the campfire before we eventually put pen to paper and publish our judgements. Then it’s over to you lot to chime in on what we’ve got wrong, what should be at the top of the list, and what shouldn’t be. That’s when the real fun starts.

For the August 2019 issue of 4x4 Australia (out now!) we compiled what we think are the most off-road-capable 4x4s off the showroom floor, and our road test maestro Fraser Stronach tells us why each of them is on the list.

Picture: Fraser Stronach picks the Serious Seven. 

We’ve called them the Serious Seven. Most of you will probably say the two Land Cruisers on the cover of this issue trump anything on that list, but that’s not what this is about. Yes, they are probably better off-road – in fact, I’ll guarantee they are – but they are heavily modified and not showroom-stock.

When we say off-road we’re not talking about driving across Australia on gravel highways. We mean genuine off-roading, as in no roads, cross-country, forge your own trail stuff that no showroom stock vehicle is made for … unless it’s a Cat D9 or similar. Thankfully, we are blessed with an incredible aftermarket industry and clever fabricators to help us create our own ultimate off-roaders.

So take a look at our list and let us know your thoughts. Jump on our Facebook page and tell us what you think is the best showroom off-roader and why we’re wrong. We’re lucky enough to have driven them all in bone-stock trim, so we probably have a head start on most of you.

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