Most popular 4x4 opinion columns: 2017

4X4 Australia’s journos penned some divisive opinion columns this year, here are the most popular.

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THE beauty of an opinion is that everyone has one, but the opinions of those in the industry often carry more weight.

Our journos penned a bunch of divisive opinion columns throughout 2017; here are six that gained traction with our readers.

Concerns for new 4x4s not fitted with snorkels – Dean Mellor

After battling through tough Victorian High Country Terrain in a couple of snorkel-less showroom-stock 4x4s, Deano left concerned with said 4x4’s ability to effectively ford rivers, with water ingress to the engine a real problem.

Dirt roads are vanishing under tar – Ron Moon

Tracks that were once dirt and dust are disappearing beneath bitumen, in a concerted effort to ease the commute for those that live away from the masses. The problem for Ron is that the off-roader has to look farther afield to get their tyres dirty, but is it a small price to pay to help the greater good?

dirt roads vanishing under tar

Five 4x4 features we could live without – Matt Raudonikis

Modern 4x4s come with plenty of advantages over old-school models, but car companies are also hell-bent on loading the modern fourbie with things we don’t need or want. Things that irk Matt most include keyless ignition, idle stop/start, power tailgates, small fuel fillers and vehicle chimes (or alerts).

best 4x4 features

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee hits the tracks with Roothy – John Rooth

Roothy put his Milo2 build on hold while he took a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee from the showroom to rough and remote country. Before he got there, though, he decked it out with some quality aftermarket gear from Opposite Lock.

Roothy jeep cherokee

Web-based campsite booking systems are flawed – Ron Moon

Moonie hit a soft spot with readers when he penned this column on the farcical web-based campsite booking systems – and we realised it’s an issue affecting many off-roaders. The system, designed by someone with no clue about the requirements of the travelling public, requires a tourer to plan their trip to the last detail before you’ve left the front door. Unrealistic, we know.

website campsite booking tools


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