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Renault Megane GT wagon: 10 things you should know

By David Bonnici, 20 Aug 2017 Car Advice

Renault Megane GT wagon: 10 things you should know

Here are 10 interesting facts and figures about the new estate version of the Renault Megane GT

The Renault Megane GT hatch is now complemented by a wagon version that offers more in terms of space and practicality without compromising performance and handling. Here are 10 things you would want to know about it.

1. The GT is one of three wagon variants that, along with two sedan models, joined the Megane hatch in July, making it the first time all three Megane body shapes have been on sale together in Australia at the same time.

2. The Wagon is 267mm longer than the Hatch with a 42mm longer wheelbase and 37mm more rear legroom.

3. Renault Megane GT Wagon’s 4CONTROL all-wheel steering works in two ways depending on speed. At speeds below 60km/h (80km/h in Sport mode) the rear wheels turn up to 2.7-degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels for hatch-like manoeuvrability. At higher speeds the front and rear wheels steer in the same direction for greater stability, with the rear turning by up to one degree. 

4. 4CONTROL calculates the angle of the rear wheels 100 times per second and adjusts them as necessary.

5. The Megane GT wagon’s Sport driving mode reduces the steering inputs needed by 40 percent.

6. Like the hatch, the Megane GT wagon is powered by the 1.6 litre turbocharged TCe 205 petrol engine that produces 151kW of power and 280Nm of torque at just 2400rpm.

7. It can sprint to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds, just 0.3sec slower than the hatch.

8. The GT also features Multi-Downshift Control, an advanced downshifting gear change system and Launch Control, which provide racecar-like starts.

9. It is built at Renault’s Palencia factory in northern Spain.

10. The wagon bodies are made in an almost fully automated assembly shop crewed by more than 350 robots and just 14 people.

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